American chocolate

Hello chocolate lovers,

Whilst I await my selection of crazily flavoured Kitkats to arrive from Japan, I thought i’d tell you about some sweets I had specially brought back from the US by a friend recently.

I have quite the fondness for peanut butter and, although there are peanut butter chocolates available in the UK (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups come to mind), the Americans have a far larger variety. I also like M&Ms, but again we seem to have far less interesting varieties compared to over the pond. We are restricted to Standard, Crispy and Peanut M&Ms. I’ve even braved the tourist chaos of M&M World in Leicester Square, but they have nothing more nothing more than those 3 varieties.



So here you see me with a nice selection of American imports (please excuse the fact that i’m just in my boxers. Also, you’ll see Wilfred on the right has just come out of the shower).

Here’s some of what we tried:

1. Salty & Sweet M&Ms: I specifically asked for these as I was curious to see if the combination of roasted peanuts, salty pretzels, chocolate chip cookies and m&m chocolates would work. And you know what- they do! Weird in theory, but like pineapple on pizza or sweet and sour chicken, it’s a perfect combo of salty and sweet noms. 5 paws out of 5.

2. Pretzel M&Ms: I was surprised how much I liked these. A nice combination of salty crispy pretzel on the inside and chocolate candy on the outside. A hit! 5 paws out of 5.

3. Mint M&Ms: no. Just no1 paw out of 5.

4. Raspberry M&Ms: now this is more like it. A nice slightly fruity chocolate. 4 paws out of 5.

5. Peanut butter Twix: I was very much looking forward to trying the “PB Twix” but was strangely disappointed by it. Somehow the combination of peanut butter and biscuit just doesn’t work. I think original Twix is still king. 3 paws out of 5.

6. Peanut butter Snickers: again another chocolate we were looking forward to trying, but yet another disappointing outcome. Stick to normal Snickers i’d suggest. 3 paws out of 5.

7. Hershey Pumpkin Spiced Kisses: as it was Halloween time, there was plenty of autumnal/ Halloween themed candy to try. And this was a very pleasant surprise. Not too spicy, with a nice texture and flavour. Very good. 5 paws out of 5.

8. Peanut butter M&Ms: we’ve had these before and it’s is a favourite in our house. That combination of salty peanut butter and M&M chocolate is very good. Perhaps we’ve had it too much though, as it’s not quite as delicious as we remember. So I’ll give it 4 paws out of 5.

9. Cinammon sugar free chewing gum: a fond memory from my daddy hooman’s childhood holidays to the US, we had to try these. And I must say I enjoyed it very much! A bonus of the Trident variety is it contains Xylitol which is supposed to be very good for your bear teeth. And if you eat as much chocolate as me, you need every benefit for your teeth you can get! 4 paws out of 5.

Why companies have so many nice sweets in America, but decide not to release these varieties in foreign markets is a mystery. But until then I suggest you leave plenty of room in your luggage for these sweets the next time you’re on holiday there!! I’ve also been pointed in the direction of this website should I need to restock my supplies beforehand:

Thanks for reading my blog. Happy chocolate eating friends!


9 thoughts on “American chocolate

  1. Great reviews-I didn’t try the PB Twix so can’t say, but the PB Snickers I thought was nice. Love PB M&Ms but not really any of the others at all. Hate mint choc so thought 1paw was more than fair (I didn’t bother to try them)!

    Great first blog Jezzer, look forward to you checking more chocs shortly!


  2. WOW Jeremy, you’re such a great writer! I enjoyed your blog very much! I just love peanut butter M&M’s too, but like you, we are restricted to standard, peanut and crispy in Germany too! I also love pretzels covered in chocolate, we got Milka ones here! Please go on writing very soon! :o)


  3. I love your blog Jeremy!!! But I’m not sure, if I’d share your opinion on mint M&M’s, as I’m very keen on all things mint combined with chocolate!!! But I’ve never tried them yet, so you’re maybe right…. I do love pb snickers though, waited years to finally taste them! I’m absolutely with you on them Hershey kisses, they’re brilliant!!


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