Cadbury’s Snack from Australia

Hello friends! My next couple of chocolate reviews again have a bit of an international flavour.

First, we’re off to Australia! Yes, it’s not just the land of Fosters and Neighbours.. there’s an Australian division of Cadbury’s there too! Boy, I hope their factory is well air conditioned (unlike the United Kingdom, where the whole country is set to “Chill” whether we like it or not!)




My dear friend Bill from Australia is a lovely kind generous bear (*whisper* but don’t tell him I said that). He posted a picture of a chocolate bar recently called Snack on Twitter, and my first thought was of this: . But as it turned out, the Aussie version of “Snack” is a completely different beast- and this piqued my interest.

And so it was that the kindly Bill and his Mama Bear sent us a Snack to try. And to rub in the fact that it’s currently summer in Australia, the chocolate had melted a little too! *jealous ears*

Basically, the Australian Snack bar is labeled as Dairy Milk chocolate with different flavoured cream fillings in each chunk. Now that’s music to this bear’s ears as i’m very fond of soft centred chocolates. And this bar did not disappoint!!

Each of the flavours were (I think) strawberry, pineapple, orange, coconut ice, turkish delight and caramel. And each one was absolutely delicious- even the turkish delight, which i’m not usually a fan of! The most unusual (but still tasty) was coconut ice because we don’t really get that filling in chocolates in the UK.

One thing I did notice was the chocolate itself was a little sweeter than your normal Dairy Milk branded chocolate- i’m not sure if that’s the case for all Australian Dairy Milks or just this one. Although I didn’t mind it, the sweetness may not be to everyone’s palate. 

Score: four paws out of five


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