Marmite Chocolate

(Dear friends. Here is a guest review from my dear friend Freya, who lives in Germany. A big hug and thank you to Freya!)

Oh boy, this is soooooo exciting, my dear friend Jeremy asked me to write a review for his chocolate checker blog! Why did he ask me to? Because Jeremy, being a gentlebear, made me a great present, he sent me Marmite chocolate straight from the UK! I have to mention, that I live in Germany and we don’t have stuff like Marmite here, but chatting about it with my pals on Twitter, made me more than curious to taste it! 
Marmite is a yeast extract and I bet you’ll ask, how yeast extract can be combined with chocolate in a good way?! I have to admit, I was thinking the same, when I opened the envelope and found the Marmite chocolate inside! It says “very peculiar” on it, which won’t  make you trust it a bit more! 
But I decided to be brave and opened the chocolate bar… it smelled funny… did I mention the yeast extract yet? Oh, I did! OK, that’s how the chocolate smells, even though there’s only 2% of Marmite inside! I tried to calm myself down by telling me “come on, it’s 2%, you won’t even taste it” and took a bite… And what can I say?! I was surprised in a good way! You DO taste it and it is very peculiar, but in this case, peculiar rules! Marmite gives it a hint of saltiness and yes, you’ll find the citric acid inside, which is an ingredient of Marmite, too, but I’d say that’s just another plus! The packaging says “A perplexing taste, that bewilders the tastebuds” and I absolutely agree with it! 
You should give it a try, or you miss a great treat! I give it 4 paws out of 5!- Freya



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