Two chocolate bars from Estonia!

To the beautiful country of Estonia. Famous for Vikings, catchy Eurovision song entries, and the frankly wonderful looking sport of kiiking ( 

And now also famous for chocolate! Or ŠOKOLAAD as they call it there. How do I know this? Because my dearest friend Karu Nässu taught me this- he lives in a wonderful looking Toy Museum in Estonia and blogs regularly about his adventures here:  Do please take a look when you have the chance.

But now to the serious task of chocolate reviewing. Nässu VERY kindly sent me not one, but TWO bars of Estonian chocolate (and a lovely post card from the Museum). I often have to fight my daddy hooman for chocolate, so I was very glad for the message on the accompanying card:


 1. MESIKÄPP: already with its picture of a bear on the front this chocolate looked promising. And it did not disappoint. A nice cocoa rich tasting chocolate with crispy wafer inside, it went down very well with a nice cup of tea. Best of all, the chocolate wasn’t too sweet as it can be in the UK and US. 5 paws out of 5 

2. Kalev Désirée Milk Caffé Latte: a gorgeous rich chocolate with creamy coffee filling. It has quite a coffee kick to it, and again it’s not too sweet. Simply delicious- one for coffee fans and chocolate fans alike! 5 paws out of 5



A big thank you hug to my friend for sending me these lovely chocolates. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to visit Estonia myself and if I do i’m sure to visit Tartu Toy Museum as well.

Jeremy Bear


10 thoughts on “Two chocolate bars from Estonia!

  1. Wow – that looks fab Jeremy, especially the Caffe Latte. Isn’t Nassu a lovely chap for adding to the Jezzer Checks Chocs archives…it’s good to have such a databank when a bear travels as much as I do! Well done!


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