“Cherry Ripe” and “Choo-Choo Bar”- back to Australia!


As I sit here typing my latest chocolate review, I have Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire on in the background, which is strangely fitting as my latest review is courtesy of my dear friend Bill from Australia (check out @storm_bear_bill on twitter, you won’t be disappointed). He’s a Harry Potter fan you see, and has the beanie hat and scarf to prove it!

Whilst i’m on the topic of HP, fact fans may wish to note that Goblet of Fire also features R-Patz of Twilight fame before he hit the big time. (Daniel Radcliffe later returned the favour by parodying his Twilight character in a Halloween episode of The Simpsons, “Treehouse of Horror XXI”).

But I digress. 

So today, I shall be trying two sweets from the country of the latest Ashes victors- sit back and enjoy!

1. Cherry Ripe- this is a chocolate by Cadbury’s and promises “ripe juicy cherries and coconut in old gold rich dark chocolate”. What I actually got was a taste identical to Bounty Dark Chocolate but with very little of the promised juicy cherry. A slight let down, but still not a complete loss as I actually quite like Bounty! 4 paws out of 5

2. Choo-Choo Bar- this is a small licorice bar made by Lagoon Confectioners, Australia. Bill’s Mama Bear tells me this is a very old fashioned sweet which was popular in her youth. Well my first bite was certainly a test of endurance for my teeth and jaw! I suspect dentists across Australia helped to eradicate this sweet from the mainstream over the years! Not quite to my taste, but then i’m not a huge licorice fan anyway (sorry, Bill). 2 paws out of 5

Well done Aussies on your Ashes victory. And a big thanks to Bill! Till next time folks…..



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