Green and Blacks Lemon Organic Chocolate- Guest Review

I’m very proud that the young Mungo Fuzzy (@MungoFuzzy) has written another guest review- and what a review it is! Lemon infused chocolate? I’m very intrigued to know how it tastes. Take it away, Mungo:


“The chocolate bar I am reviewing is Green & Blacks “Lemon”. This is a dark Fairtrade chocolate with on a 60% cocoa base. A warm rich citrus scent greets you before you unwrap the crisp gold foil revealing tiny squares of very dark chocolate. A small bite is rewarded with a gentle dark chocolate taste, not overly sweet but lacking the bitterness of some high cocoa brands. As the chocolate melts you taste the subtle lemon oil overtones that compliment rather than overwhelm. Green & Blacks do a very good job of mixing a faint vanilla with a rich cocoa and tangy lemon. Overall a great experience. I give it 4 paw out of 5.”

Yay! Thanks Mungo. I can’t wait to try this one myself. A big thank you for your guest review- you’re a star!


5 thoughts on “Green and Blacks Lemon Organic Chocolate- Guest Review

  1. I went and bought some after reading this review, but I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. Nice as a little treat to have a few squares at a time; sadly another member of the family decided they liked it very much, so I only got a brief look in!


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