Japanese Kit Kat (part 1)

You’re thinking “Kit Kat? Really? Well what’s so exciting about that, Jezzer?” Well I’ll tell you! These aren’t just any ordinary Kit Kats, but ones specifically made for the Japanese market! With the help of my friends at http://www.jlist.com, and my hooman’s spendy spendy plastic card, I’ve imported some rather special Kit Kat flavours, made only in Japan, and only for the Japanese! Lucky guys.



Interestingly, the name Kit Kat sounds like the words “kitto katsu”, which means “you’ll surely win” in Japan. Eating chocolate will mean I’ll surely win? I better start applying for the next Olympic Games then!

The two boxes of Kit Kats I bought were special editions. They included numerous flavours, and there were two bars of each flavour. They were as follows:

– “Western Japan” box- this includes Citrus Golden Blend, Sweet potato, Kyoto hojicha (roasted tea), Yatsuhashi (cinnamon) , Kyoto matcha (green tea), and Strawberry flavours.

– “Eastern Japan” box- this has Nagoya Red Bean Sandwich, Shinshu Apple, Wasabi, Edamame, Yokohama Strawberry Cheesecake and Yawataya Togarashi (chilli pepper!) flavours.

As there are so many, i’ve decided to break my review up into different parts. And today I start with Wasabi and Citrus Golden Blend.

1. Wasabi


As you can see, the bars are quite small, and the first thing that strikes you is the colours! Not your traditional brown here.

Also, I’m not sure why, but there’s a space on the back of the wrappers to add your own art work:


Now for the taste. Well Wasabi Kit Kat certainly smells like normal Kit Kat. And at first bite even tastes like normal Kit Kat. But then you’re met with a very mild horseradish aftertaste that disappears as quickly as it arrives. So, all in all, not nearly as scary as Wasabi flavoured chocolate sounds! Still an acquired taste though. 3 paws out of 5

2. Citrus Golden Blend

This tastes not too dissimilar to Orange Club, but with a slightly more citrusy kick. But the citrus still stops short of being overpowering. Not bad, but not exactly remarkable either. 3 paws out of 5


Well I hope you enjoyed the first part of my Japanese Kit Kat adventure. Please stay tuned for further reviews- I’m particularly looking forward to Red Bean Sandwich flavour!!




14 thoughts on “Japanese Kit Kat (part 1)

  1. Great Blog post Jeremy! You are so brave!
    Yuck! Green-coloured chocolate with a hint of horseradish!! Think we need to post the poor people of Japan proper KitKats… We think Citrus Blend sounds better though! Love Odd xxx


  2. I really liked this. What I found odd as well (but funny) was the blank space on the wrapper so you can do your own artwork….what?


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