People Tree “White Crispy” Fairtrade Chocolate (Japan)

And now, continuing with the Japanese theme, I’m very proud to bring you a guest review from my friend in Japan, March bear (@huiteightmars on twitter):



This is a white Fairtrade chocolate.
I liked bitter chocolate before but I missed white chocolate taste.
A small bite is rewarded with a gentle white chocolate taste not overly sweet.
Crushed almond brings me the greater freshness than ordinary white chocolate.
It's good with strong tea or coffee.
I like this brand catchphrase too, "Gentle chocolate for earth and human".

I am collecting the packages because they have organized 'the cacao point campaign'. 10 packages offer 1 cacao tree to Elseivo(Bolivia).

When I finished this review my friend who dislikes white chocolate told me " white chocolate is sweet butter, it's not chocolate"
Do you agree?
Score: 4 paws out of 5


I think that’s a good point- white chocolate can taste a bit like sweet butter (Milky Bar comes to mind). What do you think?

A big thank you for my latest guest reviewer. I hope you enjoyed the review as much as I did.


14 thoughts on “People Tree “White Crispy” Fairtrade Chocolate (Japan)

  1. Well done, March bear. I like white chocolate, but never thought about it being “sweet butter” (I hate butter).

    In Chocolate Kingdom, Florida they say chocolate is only chocolate if made from cocoa butter, white chocolate included, so my answer is it depends if they use vegetable fat or cocoa butter to make it!

    Thanks for the review – I like the points scheme with this bar!


  2. Great article Jeremy! I love white chocolate, no matter what it contains…(Ermmm, March bear, was it you I saw in a photo eating up a whole white bar and being in trouble for not sharing any with your bear friends? If so, it must have been beary good! ) ❤️😊


  3. Interesting. . . I too have often wondered what exactly white chocolate is…whether it’s really white chocolate or a combination of sweet cream and sugared butter…It doesn’t matter, really. At the end of the day, my favorite drink is HOT WHITE HOT CHOCOLATE! Where can I find People Tree?


  4. Yeah we’re not big white chocolate fans here , it’s a bit too sickly sweet on it’s own, however if it’s mixed with something more tangy like raspberry or cranberries it’s not too bad.
    Mum makes a mean white choc-chip and macadamia nut cookie. 🙂


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