Let me start this story jus befor I (this is Lucky speakin) came to be wif Mum and Dad. I will take yoo bak to six years ago an Dad ad bin very poorly wif an infecshun an e wasn’t getting any betta. Wen the doctor came e sed Dad needed to be in ospital so called an ambulance, by the time they did get Dad to ospital e ad gone into respitory failure. (e dus av severe COPD an is on medical oxygen 24/7).  The doctors an nurses did try an giv Dad a Bi-Pap mask (if yoo dusnt know wat one of those is ere is a picture)
bi pap
It dus force oxygen into the lungs an takes out the build up of carbon dioxide (if yoo as too much carbon dioxide in yoo it is dangerous). This mask is very ard to tolerate an Dad kept refusing to av it…

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