Ritter Sport ‘Hazelnut Biscuit’ and ‘Vanilla Mousse’

I’m very honoured to have been sent two great chocolate bars made by German company Ritter Sport to try. One of them was even labeled Chocolate of the Year no less! So without further delay, here we go:


1. Ritter Sport Hazelnut Biscuit (Springtime Speciality)

Starsky and Hutch, Lennon and McCartney, Jekyl and Hyde, hazelnut and chocolate. All delightful combinations, I’m sure you’ll agree.

And Ritter Sport Hazelnut Biscuit chocolate bar has hazelnuts (and biscuit pieces) in delicious abundance. With each bite you get that taste of crispy crunchy nuttiness which, combined with the velvety smooth milk chocolate, is as heavenly as any nut chocolate bar deserves to be. In short, it’s super nom. 5 paws out of 5

2. Ritter Sport Vanilla-Mousse (Chocolate of the year)

Oh my bear! OH MY BEAR! Well this is just super-duper-scrummy-yummy-chocolatey-wocklatey-moussey-woussey heaven in a wrapper.

And for those who prefer their reviews in English: Ritter Sport Vanilla-Mousse is by far the best tasting chocolate bar I think I’ve tried in a long time. So come all ye bears, stuffies, anipal assistants and hoomins; let us all emigrate to Germany at once and bask in the country’s chocolate superiority. (Shall we go business or first?)

-Side note: due to the mousse centre, I reckon this would work very well with champagne. I’ll sit and wait patiently now for someone to send me a bottle- preferably Cristal. Thanks.

6 paws out of 5 (listens for the collective gasps!)

*In all seriousness, I have to say a HUGE thank you to Freya (@fuzziestfreya) and Fred (@F_is_for_Fred) in Cologne, Germany for sending me these lovely chocolates to try for my blog- two more lovely friends you are unlikely to ever meet. If you’re on twitter, do please say hello to them. And thank you for reading.


18 thoughts on “Ritter Sport ‘Hazelnut Biscuit’ and ‘Vanilla Mousse’

  1. Good work sending those Freya and Fred! They both sound great and SIX out of five is unheard of, except when it happens. 😉 If I happen to be in Germany, I’ll remember to grab me a box…


  2. Another great review!
    We LOVE all Ritter Sport bars, Jeremy. We had an enormous one for Christmas (FOUR TIMES normal size!!) It had the great praline middle, and didn’t last long at all!
    Better go and write ours now!
    Love Odd Sock xxxx


  3. Runs to pack bag and check airline ticket, I’m on the way to Germany to get some of these, 6 out of 5 wowowowow these must be amazing, thanks to Freya and Fred and well done to Jezza on a great review as usual😊


  4. Oh wow, I want to try Ritter Sport so bad!! They have the bars at Trader Joe’s and I always eye them but never pick them up!! Thanks so much for the review!! I can’t wait to pick a few up tomorrow!! Yum, yum!!!


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