Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Ritz (Guest Review)

What’s this? I think I see the Scampcopter in the distance…. yes, it’s Sir Scamp (@SirScamp on twitter) with a guest chocolate review! Give it up for Sir Scamp everybody, woohoo!!…..
“Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Ritz
Another new Dairy Milk treat is now on the shelves in the Supermarket with the introduction of the Dairy Milk combined with Ritz.
A savoury cracker biscuit combined with sweet milky chocolate. Why not? Personally, I think the question should be why? It seems it’s all down to the chaps at Mondelēz International, who happen to own a wide range of snack brands and are seemingly determined to pair them all with the Dairy Milk label.
Eating this bar wasn’t a bad experience, but it just wasn’t that great. I like Ritz and I like chocolate but it doesn’t mean I want them combined. It certainly doesn’t strike me as a natural pairing along the lines of the Oreo and Daim Dairy Milks.
When you take one of the four squares that make up the bar and put it in your mouth, the first taste that hits is that of the salty cracker. However, as you start to crunch into it a little more the saltiness is massively overpowered by the creamy taste of the chocolate. The Ritz are so small in comparison to the chocolate that swarms them that they get kind of lost in the Dairy Milk taste. They do give the bar a nice crunch texture but it’s really not enough.
As I’ve said, I do like Dairy Milk and I do like Ritz, but this combination just doesn’t work for me. A Ritz cracker is meant to be eaten with cheese and it should stay that way. If you really must combine Ritz with chocolate, get yourself some Dairy Milk Philadelphia (also a Mondelēz invention) and put that on your cracker. Trust me, it’ll be much better.
Score: 2.5 paws out of 5″
Big thanks Sir Scamp *bows head to His Lordship*. It’s a great review. And I think you’re right… possibly a combination too far. What does everyone else think? As ever, let us know in your comments below….

17 thoughts on “Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Ritz (Guest Review)

  1. Thank you to Sir Scamp for a jolly fine review. I know we can’t always get the Ritter Vanilla Mousse experience but I think it’s good that the chocolate chaps keep their thinking hats on. I will pass on the Ritz Dairy Milk but I did like the review.


  2. Woohoo to Sir Scamp! Anyway, I don’t like Ritz crackers and have never been a sweet and sour bear – I like my sweets and savouries to be kept WAY apart. So, I would only try this if I got a freebie and even then I’m not sure I want to go there. Sounds revolting. Bad idea guys!


  3. Thanks Sir Scamp. Not one I’ll be trying; one way to spoil chocolate, stuff a load of gluten into it!!!
    Since Cadbury’s sold out to an American company, we are getting all this weird stuff shoved into the once magnificent Cadbury Dairy Milk and spoiling it. It just doesn’t taste the same anymore. 😦


  4. Great review, Sir Scamp, but definitely a combination too far! No, I’ll not be rushing out to get one of these bars either guys! Chocolate and Ritz will be staying separate in this house!
    Love Odd Sock xxx


  5. Umm interesting combo! Not one I fancy the idea of. Thank you for trying it for us Jezzer so we don’t have to. I’ll stick with the tried and trusted I think.


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