Kit Kat Cookies n Creme & Kit Kat Caramel Duo (Guest Review)

Do I like Kit Kat? Does a bear….umm… play scrabble in the woods? Yes, I LOVE Kit Kat. A worldwide brand, it’s interesting that they release different flavours in different global markets (particularly the intriguing Japanese flavours that regular readers will know i’m midway through reviewing). So i’m very honoured to present a guest review from our lovely Aussie friend Pete Bear (@Pete_Bear07 on twitter), who presents for our delectation two flavours from Down Under:

Kit Kat Cookies n Creme & Kit Kat Caramel Duo


Wow what an absolute honor to be give the ultra important job of reviewing chocolate, “dream job”, thanks to Jezza for letting me take the reins, so here goes :

1: Kit Kat Cookies n Creme break:
At first glance this looks like a normal Kit Kat shape but it is two toned, the bottom is milk chocolate and the top half is a white chocolate colour. When broken as I have done to show you the inside, you see the biscuit is not the normal vanilla colour but a chocolate colour. On first bite you get the flavor of the white chocolate top part then the taste of the brown biscuit inside and bottom milk chocolate just like Cookies n Creme. Now I’m a big fan of cookies and Creme anything, pop tarts ice cream whatever and this lives up to expectations close to perfection.
4 and a half paws out of 5 


2: Kit Kat Caramel Duo :

Like the cookies n Creme this bar also has a two toned colour. The bottom half is milk chocolate colour and the top is a delicious looking caramel colour . When broken you see the biscuit is a normal vanilla tone, now the taste…..on first bite I was in chocolate heaven the creamy caramel flavour mixed with the standard Kit Kat sent my taste buds into overdrive. This is nothing like a Chunky Kit Kat caramel, it’s much much better.
A big 5 paws out of 5.”




*Well there you go. As Shakespeare wrote, “Kit Kat, words cannot express how I love thee….” Yes, he definitely wrote that. Don’t check, just take it as fact. And thank you for reading. – Jeremy


19 thoughts on “Kit Kat Cookies n Creme & Kit Kat Caramel Duo (Guest Review)

  1. Pete this was absolutely fantastic, it’s very good, did you get to taste the Chaco. I fancy the caramel one myself. A good review 6 paws out of 5 paws xx


  2. I think I’d prefer the caramel too, but you sold them both very well Pete. I’m off to go sit by my mailbox…just in case any fall through. heehee – great reviewing Pete. Jeremy, thanks for finding that little-known Shakespeare quote – I use it a lot and everyone tells me it’s not an original, now they’ll have no doubt at all. Nice one boys


  3. Great reviewing Pete! You’ve sold both of them to us, but think the Caramel would win by a whisker in our eyes too. We shall definitely be looking out for these if we ever make it to Oz!

    Love Odd Sock xxx


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