Lindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Bar & Strawberries And Cream Balls (Guest Review)

Review of Lindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Bar, and Limited Edition “Strawberries & Cream” Lindt LINDOR balls 
(Guest Blog Post written by Odd Sock of the Top of the Wardrobe Gang, @OddSockTOWG on twitter) 
‘We love good chocolate, and had been saving this Lindor bar from our Christmas goodies for a special occasion. Doing this review for Jeremy seemed the ideal time to crack it open! Just as we were about to start, we then got a surprise gift of these limited edition Lindor “Strawberries & Cream” balls. We thought that we should sample these too, obviously only in the name of pioneering chocolate research for discerning furry friends!
1. LINDOR Milk Chocolate Bar
So, first off, let’s look at the bar. Brightly-wrapped in red paper, it attractively lures the chocolate-lover towards it. The wrapper can easily be opened by even the smallest cuddly toy, revealing ten pieces of chocolate to share with friends!
The pieces have a scrumptious soft middle, with about the same texture as warm butter. The LINDOR description on the wrapper says  “irresistibly smooth”, and that is indeed a true description! Although milk, this chocolate and soft filling still have enough cocoa solids to leave a lingering mellow chocolate flavour in the mouth. The pieces are also soft enough and thin enough to be nibbled by small mouths with ease. 
All in all, we LOVE this bar. It ticked all the right boxes for our samplers – on chocolatey taste, ease of opening, and ease of nibbling! 
We award this one 5.5 PAWS OUT OF 5 !!
2. Limited Edition “Strawberries & Cream” Lindt LINDOR Balls
Next up, we’d like to look at this box of LINDOR Balls. Again, attractively wrapped, though this time the pink colour may put off a few male bear friends. The box is simple to get into, and the chocolate balls can then be accessed after a bit of energetic wrapper twisting. 
The chocolate balls themselves are large, hard, and impossible to nibble on for smaller mouths though. Carefully armed with a knife, however, PD Monkey was able to cut them into pieces to help us out!
This time, the chocolate is white and milky-tasting. As with the bar, the middle of the balls has the soft and smooth texture of warm butter. The flavour, however, as their name suggests, is reminiscent of a tasty bowl of sugared strawberries with cream! The 0.4% Strawberry Powder is used to good effect, avoiding an unpleasant artificial strawberry flavour. The subtle pink colour of this yummy soft centre is in keeping with the expectations of colour for a strawberry centre, without being too artificially pink. 
We really enjoyed these strawberry balls, but a lower paw rating is given, as we feel that less intrepid small cuddly toys might be put off by difficulties in eating these. 
We award these balls 4 PAWS OUT OF 5!
(How about a “Strawberries & Cream” LINDOR bar please, Lindt?)’
Fab review Miss Odd Sock. Thank you so much. I would encourage all my readers to check out the Top of the Wardrobe Gang’s kids’ books. More info here: I think they’re pawesome!- Jeremy

16 thoughts on “Lindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Bar & Strawberries And Cream Balls (Guest Review)

  1. Lindt do a soft filling betta than anywun els wy finks and ey hav no idea how dey do it – its magic, hehe! Ordinary Lindor ar so yummy, strawberry and creem wuns – oh my! Wot a well thot owt review, frum unwrapping eese to portion size – nise job! :O)xx


    1. Thanks everyone! And thanks for inviting us to guest blog, Jeremy. Anytime you want to ask us again would be brilliant, as it gives us an excuse to eat more chocolate!

      We were a bit worried that PD Monkey was going to chop a paw of with that knife though, so we might stick to bars in future!

      Love and hugs
      Odd Sock xxx

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  2. Just read your review to my Mum and she’s puttin on her shoes right now to see if Lindor Strawberry Cream balls available in US. Yep, der she goes out da door!


  3. I LOVE Lindor balls!! I will definitely be sending my people out to look for them…we do get them here in the states, and hopefully we will get the strawberry ones!!! Excellent review and such thoughtful consideration for the smaller paws! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well, just because a bar of chocolate is large enough to share doesn’t mean I’m going to! Sounds too good to share and I’m a greedy bear. Ooh, that rhymes.

    Talking of rhymes, Odd Sock and the Top of the Wardrobe Gang write some brilliant poems – Jeremy placed the link above – please go check them out, they’re brilliant.

    As to the strawberry and cream balls, I would be put off by the pink box, and to an extent to the strawberryness as I’m not keen on fruity chocolates. But then, I love Lindt’s milk chocolate balls so I would be willing to give one a chance…maybe two. If only I had the opportunity – will send assistants out to look! Just in case they are not awful as I would imagine.

    Thanks for the great reviews, Odd.

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