The Elephant’s Curios

Edward's Care Home For Elderly Bears

Somewhere in the world, perhaps above our heads, or under our feet;  perhaps beneath floor boards or secreted under insulation, OR in the dark, damp corners of a cardboard boxes packed away in old sheds; or stuffed roughly into recycling banks, are the bears of my dreams.

Often I find myself wishing I knew where they were all hidden, I wish I could find them all and tell their story to the world. Where are those secret places – the places where all the old toys are hidden?

The holy grail of bears – where is it? Will Dan Brown write a book about THAT? – I don’t think so.

I’m not going to lie to you. I like an online auction as much as the next person but it seems nowadays online sellers are becoming savvy to the fact that an old bear, despite its condition, is a fruitful…

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