What’s a Jollywobble?


There was a young girl from Ealing

Who got on the bus one evening

The sign it did say

Don’t spit on the floor

So she looked up and spat on the ceiling!


If that made you smile, good, but that wasn’t a jollywobble. If it made you laugh out loud… that’s a jollywobble. The best Jollywobbles are the ones that make your belly shake, a good, solid, make your cheeks ache belly laugh. And that would have released some real good, feel good hormones into your system.

To laugh; according to the dictionary, is to make spontaneous sound and movements usual in expressing lively amusement.

So what makes you laugh? We are all different;  in a crowd, 75% can laugh uproariously over a joke while others merely smile at it and some don’t appear to be moved at all. But that doesn’t matter, what matters is getting a…

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