Dolfin Noir aux Poires et Amandes Grillées AND Montezuma’s Space Hopper

As it’s been a while since i’ve reviewed anything personally (having had a good run of guest reviews), I thought i’d touch base with a quick review roundup of two very interesting chocolate bars I tried recently. These two are courtesy of the lovely Rosie Bear (@Rosiebear90 on twitter) and the worldwide adventurer Tourguide Ted (who’s fabulous blog can be found at 

1. Dolfin Noir aux Poires et Amandes Grillées (Dark Chocolate with Pear & Roasted Almonds)



Rosie bear sent me this fab dark chocolate bar from her special stash. Dolfin is manufactured in Belgium and we all know that if there’s one thing the Belgians do well, it’s chocolate. And beer. Burp.

In fact, I am very honoured to have been sent this- it seems quite expensive, and even its packaging screams “classy”.


The first tasting note is lovely velvety dark chocolate *WHAM*. Then you’re hit with those fantastic roasted almonds *BAM*. And finally, like a subtle tickle under the chin, you get that pear flavour creeping in *TICKLE*. The chocolatiers have clearly put some thought into this, and the results are rewarding. Fans of dark chocolate should hunt this down at once. five paws out of five

2. Montezuma’s Space Hopper with Orange

I do like a good bounce on my space hopper every now and again. But i’ve never thought of eating it:


So thank goodness Montezuma has brought out this Space Hopper chocolate:



Once again, I am not disappointed. This was frankly delicious. Do you remember when Club Biscuit Chocolate bars used to have a really thick layer of milk chocolate over the biscuit? Well I would always try to bite off the chocolate first and leave the annoying biscuit behind. But no more. This is basically the Club-Orange-scraped-off-chocolate-from-biscuit-using-your-teeth but in a handy bar form! Excellent. five paws out of five


26 thoughts on “Dolfin Noir aux Poires et Amandes Grillées AND Montezuma’s Space Hopper

  1. Hey those chocolates all look good! Whatever happened to Club biscuits? I loved them except they never did a banana flavour!


  2. dark chocolate my favorite .. thanks Rosie ….. unfortunately I have never tasted the Belgian …. it’s like the Swiss?


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