Green & Black’s “Sea Salt” Milk Chocolate

Today I have my friend from, Tweak!!! Vinespresso, writing an… um… interesting review of Green & Black’s Milk Chocolate Sea Salt. According to his twitter bio he is a time lord and a wizard. Take it away Tweak:

“Smells like chocolate.

Tastes like organic chocolate with a nice kick of sea salt which comes across as quite course and lingers in the back of your mouth.
Like on a hot summer day licking on a salt block and biting into some milk chocolate.
Recommended: absolutely for those who love salt kick back ….mmmmm salt
5 paws out of 5

(My human made the mistake of telling us that as a child she used to lick the salt block that was put out for the cow. We tease her at every opportunity).”



Thank you for that Tweak. Excellent review. Now if anyone can explain to me why cows have blocks of salt put out for them, i’d very much appreciate it (and let’s just politely skip past the hoomin licking it shall we?)


14 thoughts on “Green & Black’s “Sea Salt” Milk Chocolate

  1. Loved you review, I can’t see anything wrong with licking the cows salt!! All country folk do this, but only when the cow is not looking. Great


  2. Mmmm…great review Tweak, we like sea salt in our chocolate and caramels here!
    And now we know what the salt blocks are for too! ❤️❤️😊


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