Have you been assimilated?


How much of ‘you’ is actually still left? Do you still know who you are or have you conformed to fit so much that you no longer know who ‘you’ are? Can you even remember who you are?

The word ‘conform’ in the Oxford English Dictionary says: comply with rules or customs, be in harmony or agreement. Which actually sounds quite a good thing doesn’t it? The thesaurus alternatives are: adapt, adjust, comply, fall in with, follow, follow the crowd, obey, run with thepack, yield, assimilate, (absorb)!

When we’re at pre-school age, we’re still in a cosy world of our own making. We’re accepted by our family and loved for who we are; apart from being taught right from wrong and guided against harm, we’re generally left to develop in a safe environment. Then school happens and gradually we’re moulded and conformed to fit with society and…

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