When you open your mouth, apart from your teeth, what falls out?


Words, they’re amazing little things and strung together, can communicate anything and everything; although trying to tell the greengrocer you want a bag of onions, without using words, could be quite amusing!

Words spoken in any language, will communicate your feelings, what you like or don’t like, where you went for your holiday, what work you do, bring joy with a nice compliment, make someone’s day with an appropriate comment, or… cut someone’s soul to the core, destroy a life, discuss Mrs. Smith’s illicit relationship, tell a secret you were told in confidence, tell a falsehood that starts a rollercoaster of hurt and destruction.

The old saying ‘The Pen is Mightier than the Sword’ is spot on. As soon as you open your mouth to speak or write something using words, you will add something to the world that cannot be retracted, rubbed out or recorded over; when it’s…

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