An Early Spring Review Roundup

Spring is in the air and chocolate is in my belly. Which means it’s time for a chocolate review roundup, woohoo! Here we go….

  1. Japanese Kit Kat part 2:


Three more unusual flavours from my variety box:

A) Chilli pepper- basically dark choc kitkat with a slight chilli tingle afterwards. Yum. 5 chillis out of 5

B) Edamame: nothing special, it strangely tastes quite similar to caramel kitkat. 3 paws out of 5

C) Strawberry cheesecake: smells slightly cheesy when first opened. Tastes EXACTLY like strawberry cheesecake. Very nice. 4 cayks out of 5


2. Pixie Caramel Original (New Zealand)

This bills itself as “the longer lasting chew”. Let’s see… 

*Bites*… *chew…. chew…. chewing still…. more chewing…………*

5 minutes later *Swallow*.

Phew, that IS a big chew! Tasty caramel, lovely crumbly milk chocolate. I reckon even Russell Crowe’s jaws would struggle with this. But it is very yummy so I give it 4 gladiators out of 5.




3. Willie’s Cacao Ginger Lime (Cuban Baracoa 65)



I do not even know where to even begin with this. It’s like an explosion of rich dark chocolate with lime and ginger running around the explosion looking for somewhere to hide, but they can only find your tastebuds. So they hide in your tastebuds and then the tastebuds say, “this is so wrong and yet so right, give me MORE!”

6 mojitos out of 5. Wonderful!


-And now the acknowledgements. A big thanks to Kenny Koala Bear for the Pixie chocolate from New Zealand. Please buy his recipe book from here All profits go to Alfie’s Law Foundation, a very worthy Animal Rights Charity. 

-And also thank you to the lovely Reddy Teddy Bear (@reddy1408 on twitter) for the delicious Ginger Lime chocolate. My tastebuds are still in shock (in a good way!)



10 thoughts on “An Early Spring Review Roundup

  1. Look at the green packet…*convinced ears* checks Mummee’s chocolate stash* Sorry Mummee I’m having this one 😊😊😊😊😊 *snaffles bar from stash & runs away* 6 out of 5 it’s gotta be good…


  2. More great reviews – I’d try the Pixie bar thing (love caramel) but I think I’ll skip the KitKats – maybe I’ll try the Strawberry Cheesecake one. Like the lemon choc before it, I like the sound of the ginger/lime but not enough to buy a whole bar. They need to sell a bar made up of say 9 squares of different choc as a taster….pleeeeeeeeease.


  3. Wow, lime and ginger sounds spectacular! (And those spectacles make you look really smart, Jeremy!)❤️😊Love Odd xxx


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