This seasons ‘MUST HAVE’, oh really, must you?

I must have chocolate! Hehe.


We all have pet hates; a phrase or a saying that we find irritating for some reason. I’ve heard people say how they dislike, for instance, ‘ticking all the boxes’, or, ‘up and down the country’! Daft really, but it’s true, there are some sayings or phrases that get under our skin and we can’t usually say why.

But there is one phrase that is banded about today that annoys me intensely and I DO know the reason why… it’s the over used phrase ‘must have’.

 Grrrrr, why MUST you have? This seasons ‘must haves’ or the latest ‘must have’ gadget.

You don’t ‘must have’ anything; with the exception of food and water to keep you alive, clothes to keep you decent and preferably a roof over your head, you really don’t ‘must have’ anything else. It’s a lie to make you buy stuff and what’s so bad about…

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