Jim’s Chocolate Eggstravaganza- GUEST REVIEW

Canines of twitter rejoice- I have a very special guest review of chocolate which is suitable for doggies!! Yes, you read that right!

So a huge thank you to Sallyjain (@SallyjainW on twitter) and her lovely terrier Jim for this review. A lot of effort and love has been put into this, and i’m very grateful because I have a lot of anipal friends on twitter and didn’t want them to feel left out.





16 thoughts on “Jim’s Chocolate Eggstravaganza- GUEST REVIEW

  1. Great write-up Jim (and assistant Sally). Sorry the egg wasn’t to your liking, in the “old days” human chocolate eggs were made of nasty inferior chocolate but now the chocolate manufacturers have upped their game so hopefully dog Easter eggs will pick up with time.

    Sorry about the incident with Clint (pesky cats!) but glad the chocolate bar was really fabulous. Love the photos too! Great work!!!

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  2. Great post Sally and Jim! As I’m not a dog, though, I think I’ll stick to eating proper yummy choccie eggs for Easter! Love Odd Sock xxx


  3. It’s breaking the time to come see – we love you pals – this is so pawmazing. Thanks for all you do and the chocolate you love. Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite


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