Tabasco Spicy Chocolate


-Spicy dark chocolate wedges. Made in the USA-


Chilli and chocolate- a combination that can be dated back to 1900BC and the ancient Aztecs. In fact they loved it so much they even used it as currency*. Skip forward thousands of years- a Toys R Us bear’s opinion:


The initial bite reveals a surprisingly crispy texture to this dark chocolate. Taste-wise, at first there is very little of anything. Then the dark chocolate flavour slowly comes to the fore. And finally, like a surprise kick to the unmentionables, the spicy Tabasco jumps in and lingers for a good long while afterwards.



It is a lot spicier than the wasabi kitkat I tried in an earlier review. If you like a spicy kick to your chocolate, you’ll love this. As it is quite complicated on the palate I have broken down my score into the following categories:


Flavour: 2 paws out of 5 (the chocolate is quite bland and the spiciness overpowering)

Texture: 2 paws out of 5 (the chocolate should be smoother, not so crumbly-crispy)

Kick-assness: 5 paws out of 5 (it’s hot hot hot!)


*wikipedia you better be right…. :looks angrily and shakes paw at wikipedia:


Thank you very much to Bill and Pete from Upside Down Land (aka beautiful Australia) for sourcing this very interesting chocolate. You can find them on twitter at @Pete_Bear07 and @Storm_Bear_Bill (when they’re not on the beach soaking in the sunshine and tossing another shrimp on the barbie :jealous ears:)





15 thoughts on “Tabasco Spicy Chocolate

  1. We don’t really like chilli, so think we’ll give this one a miss! Great review though, Jeremy! (And I LOVE your jacket!)
    Love Odd Sock xxx


  2. I’m with the naysayers. Not one for me I’m pretty sure, but as a veteran of several chocolate factory tours, I seem to remember currency…Wikipedia may not be making this one up! Or maybe I am… :-/ Great job as always.


  3. Yes I would be willing to try even with chilli , sad ears about the Choc not being the greatest , will keep scouring for more unusual Choc types .
    Great review Jezza, love the kickass rating , heee heee I said Ass


  4. Thank you for keeping us updated on chocolates all over the world. I think I would try it… I like to say I have tried. I sometimes have chilli in my hot chocolate…but not often and not much.


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