It doesn’t always go to plan!

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Some people flounder through life without any apparent structure to their day/week/life! They don’t really know what is going to happen from one day to the next and just ‘go with the flow’ and seem to sail through on a cloud. 

And some are too precise and regimented, leaving no room for those unexpected little treasures that pop into everyone’s life from time to time; they can get very flustered when ‘It Doesn’t Go To Plan’, and miss out on much!

There are many variations in between and there are those who are somewhere in the middle!

I think I can truthfully say that I’ve been all of them at some point in my life!

Now though, I do have a day to day, planned schedule for my week, but I’ve learnt to be somewhat flexible and not get into a tizz if something happens to muck up the schedule……

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