Are you running on empty?

I love the idea of meditation- even if it’s just sitting in silence for 5 minutes and listening to the sounds of your environment, or your own heartbeat.


When it’s empty, we fill it. When it’s been used, we get more and when it’s worn out, we replace it.

As a general rule, most of what we use either empties or wares out and needs to be replaced at some point; the car won’t run on empty and you can’t serve up an empty plate for dinner.

There are exceptions to the rule, some things we have may last a lifetime and never need replacing, but generally most days consist of use, replace, use, renew.

Have you ever considered this also refers to you?  I don’t mean body parts I mean YOU, your essence, because you use up quite a lot of yourself every day; did you realise that needs replacing?

Everything you do every day spends a little bit of yourself. Sometimes you may have given a lot and you’re quite ‘spent’ by the end of the…

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