A bear and her coffee cup

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Goldie Bruin

Hi! My name is Goldie Bruin. Please, call me Goldie! I’m a bear on a mission. My mission: to taste and critique coffee… all coffees from everywhere! But first, a little about me…

A few years ago, I was just another bear waiting for someone to adopt me. Then one day, a lovely lady came in to the store where I was waiting. She looked around a bit, then walked over to where I was sitting. She picked me up, examined me every which way and then tucked me under her arm. Could it be? Yes! She was the one! As she walked around the shop, I realized she was picking out clothes for me! (Hence my love of fashion) I also noticed how she smelled of flowers, citrus and sunshine! The aroma was intoxicating!

After we arrived home, I was placed on a soft bed with pillows and several…

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