Montezuma’s Spotted Dick Chocolate- GUEST REVIEW

A very special guest review from my lovely friends Lucky, Bluey and Honey (@LUCKYBLUEYHONEY on twitter). Yay!

Montezuma’s Spotted Dick Chocolate


“Our gud furend Jeremy sent us a package for Easter. In the package amongst otha fings was a bar of Montezuma’s Spotted Dick (yes we did say Spotted Dick). Well we cudnt stop lafin at the name for a start (it dus sound a bit rude) heehee

Anyways wen we ad settled down we fort we ad betta open it, we did like the packagin wif the Union Jack. We tried a piece each an we mus say the Peruvian milk choklate was very smooth an velvety an jus melted on our tongues leavin the luvly hazelnut an raisin bits to crunch (well jus the hazelnut bits really as raisins isn’t very gud for crunchin).

This choklate bar tasted very gud indeed an it is one we wud definately buy, well we will av to buy sum mor cos Lucky finished it all !!

We giv this bar 5 paws out of 5 cos it’s our kind of choklate, yoo chose very well for us Jeremy, fank yoo”



11 thoughts on “Montezuma’s Spotted Dick Chocolate- GUEST REVIEW

  1. That sounds like a jolly nice chocolate bar. Spotted Dick is a traditional English dessert and I like the idea of a chocolate homage to it. Great review chaps.


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