Jeremy’s Early Summer Chocolate Review Roundup

Why “blessed”? Because I have so many lovely and generous twitter pals! I’m overwhelmed by the chocolates I’ve received from the Anipal community on twitter- it’s an honour to call each and every one of you my furiend. (Yes, even you Ker’dunkedunk ).

Today, I shall take you on a chocolate voyage to Germany and the USA. But first, we visit beautiful Cornwall, England- or Kernow as it is known to the native Cornish. Some of the best Ted Mates a bear can ever have are LT, Lu and Christian, and they have very kindly sent me some locally made chocolates to try.


1. Kernow chocolatehandmade in Cornwall

These chocolates are handmade on a family farm situated on the North Cornwall coast. I notice the packaging features different pictures of beautiful Cornwall on each.


A) Banoffee- milk chocolate with banoffee flavour & honeycomb pieces:

A delicious banoffee flavoured chocolate with the added dimension of crispy honeycomb pieces. I enjoyed this very much. 5 paws out of 5

B) Milk: very smooth, very creamy. Almost like a Galaxy bar,  but with higher cacao content making it superior in my opinion.  5 paws out of 5

C) Eton Mess- creamy white chocolate with strawberry, raspberry and meringue pieces:

Mr. Geoffrey stole this from me. He says if he wasn’t a pheasant he would have attended Eton College himself, so he’s best placed to review this one.

Mr. Geoffrey
Mr. Geoffrey

He says “Yes. Marvellous. Do pheasants eat chocolate? Well I do. Yes, Jeeves, bring me more. 4 beaks out of 5. Indeed. Yes.”

*whisper* there is no Jeeves.


2. Lindt Pistachio Mousse (Edelbitter Mousse, Pistazie, 70% cacao)

Lindt have done it again. Deliciously dark rich chocolate teamed with a nutty, creamy pistachio mousse centre. This is my friends Burnie and Greg Bear’s favourite chocolate, and with good reason. Simply glorious. 7 paws out of 5



3. Malley’s Chocolate, Cleveland, Ohio 

My friend Ker’dunkedunk Bear (aka Sweet Angelic Ker’D) is a combination of lovely, funny and insane. I mean that in a nice way. Please check out his YouTube channel- here he is flying over Cleveland.

Malley’s Chocolates have been around since 1935. Click here for more on their history

My best little pal Arthur the Elephant wanted to review these. As you’ll see, he’s a tad excitable:


A) Chocolate Crunch Bar– Arthur  “Wheeeeee, yum. Wheeee, like Hershey choc with crispy bits. Yaaaaay. 4 trooooots out of 5

B) Pretzel Crunch Bar– “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, pretzels. Yaaaaaaaay. Arthur. Wheeeeeeeeeeee…….” He ran off at this point before giving his rating, but I thought it was quite nice- 4 paws out 5.

Pray for Arthur.


Credits: a HUGE thank you to twitter pal Ker’Dunkedunk; pals Burnie, Greg Bear & family; and CBS/ twitter pals LT, Lu & Christian.
Coming soon: Trenance Cornwall Luxury Handmade Chocolate; Cocomaya Pisa Espresso Dark and Mumbai Curry Milk Chocolate courtesy of Lucky and family; and a special guest review from Reddy Teddy.
*runs to gym*







29 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. Anotha grate blog Jeremy. We dus enjoy readin bouts all the different choklates yoo tastes or shud we say scoffs heehee. These ones sounds speshully scrummy. Yes we fink yoo dus need to go to the gym. Run Jeremy run run…….. 😊😊


  2. Hello all you very special pals! All we have are 8 paws total. We give you 8 paws out of 8 paws for great chocolate information! YUM! – Extra hugs to Jeremy! Your pals, Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite on Twitter.


  3. I love chocolate, but most appreciate the craft ….. regardless of the country of origin ….thanks Jeremy


  4. Oooooo….off to Cornwall for my summer hols, so those first chocolate bar pictures have got me all excited too! Thanks for another great blog, Jeremy! May no chocolate bar ever go untested by you and your friends!
    Odd Sock xxx


  5. Lub the idea of views of Cornwall on the packaging – annuva reeson to buy mor then wun bar, hehe! Pistachio mousse? Fabbo! Lindt top choclit lab dog of the chocciewurld! And crunchy bits? Yes pleese! Giv this bloggy 10 paws owt of 5, heehee! :O)


  6. Yaaaay Jeremy, you are a chocolate expert!! Tomorrow is my birthday…hmmm….what delicious chocolate treat shall I try??!! Hehe!!! Let’s see, yesterday I treated myself to 2 double chocolate cupcakes and today I ate jumbo chocolate covered peanuts!! What to do tomorrow!!!


  7. Oooo Jeremy u r blessed & so r we 2 have a furrend like u n our lives! i do look 4ward 2 ur readiN ur blog cause i learn so much about new chocklats. Mmmmm chocklat with honeycomb pieces sounds amazinnnng! Gr8 blog!


  8. So much chocolate, so few hours in a day!
    Amazing how many different types have been created from the humble cocoa bean; good job there’s folk like you who crave for more and more, keeps humans in business!


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