Elizabeth Shaw Pear & Almond Dark Chocolate- GUEST REVIEW

Here’s a wonderful review from the most excellent Redinal T. Bear esq. Are you Reddy? Geddit? Geddit? Oh never mind….

Elizabeth Shaw Pear and Almond

“Mummee bought me a whole bar of chocolate all of my own! I knew I had to write a review for #Jezzercheckschocs or she might ask for a bit. As you can see it is a large bar compared to me, made by Elizabeth Shaw, a name of note in chocolate and is a dark bar with pear and almond. I liked the package but couldn’t wait to get inside!

reddy 1


There was some lovely silver foil inside the outer wrapper ( the little cat uses it for a toy now) to keep the chocolate fresh. I ripped it open and was hit between my glass eyes with an overwhelming aroma of dark and bitter cocoa. YUMMY.

reddy 2reddy 3


I broke off a square. It was smooth and dark and made a good ‘snap’. I bit in and was at once amazed as the delicate flavour of pears swarmed around the back of my mouth. Sooo sweet yet just a hint and the lovely darkness of the chocolate then came through. The taste of almond was not at all strong and for most squares the crunch was missing too. A little saddening.

I tried every single square to be sure. I LOVED it, but a bit more texture and crunch would have been better.
Four paws out of five in my opinion.”
Thank you Reddy, a most excellent review I’m sure you will all agree. Now do your thing and comment/ like guys!

14 thoughts on “Elizabeth Shaw Pear & Almond Dark Chocolate- GUEST REVIEW

  1. Wonderful and thorough review, Redinal! Could almost taste the choc which is a good thing since gourmet choc is woefully scarce in US!


  2. hehehe i liked ur pun Jeremy! 😉
    pears in chocklat ? where have i been? how do i miss out in such delicacies n life 😔 strawberrEs n chocklat i have eaten but y’all have Ntroduced me 2 somethiN i must try pears n chocklat n any form! Gr8 blog 😊


  3. Great review, Reddy! Your description was so realistic that it made M go “Yuck” (she doesn’t like pears!)
    I wish I could get a whole bar of chocolate to myself, in any variety, you are very lucky!❤️😊
    Love Odd xxx


  4. great review & cute pictures – i tried the ‘chocolate all to myself for review purposes’ trick – twice! ……still not written a review, i’ve run out of chocolate


  5. Reddy a wonderful review, you are a so clever. I love almonds but not pears very much, so I think I will give this one a miss but never mind Something good is just round the corner!


  6. Great review Reddy and I like pears (once peeled they are no longer green) but I really don’t like dark chocolate at all, so I think I’ll be giving this one a miss! Great to read about it though. Can’t believe you didn’t give mummy a single piece though!


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