Baseball Bear!

I Am Diesel Bear

Hello all…long time, no blog! But I’m here today to share my baseball adventure with you! A few weeks ago, my people took me to my very first baseball game. They’ve been to games before, but this was my first and while it wasn’t terribly exciting (our team won 1-0), it was still full of neat sights that I’m going to share! Our ‘local’ team (although they are 3 hours away from us and technically belong to Missouri) is the Kansas City Royals. Kansas City sits on a river/state border, and the team (along with NFL team the Chiefs) is on the Missouri side…but we Kansans still cheer them on!

It was an evening game, but my boy Paul had to work that Saturday, so we met all the family at the stadium during the 2nd Inning. Of course, seats are not meant for big people, and we had about…

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