Mulu Raw Chocolate- GUEST REVIEW

Fuzzy Bear is one of my loveliest and funniest friends- I know him mainly through Can Be Social and it’s a real pleasure; although he can be busy sometimes making lovely Fuzzy Bear cousins that travel far and wide around the globe to live with their new owners. Each one has that distinctive Fuzzy DNA running through their stitching.

So it is an absolute delight to have Fuzzy write a guest review for my blog- and what a review! It doesn’t get more chocolatey than raw chocolate i’m sure you’d agree, so I’m especially intrigued to hear his opinion on this very unusual chocolate bar:

Mulu Organic Raw Chocolate

I should cocoa
I should cocoa
“i’ve never had raw chocolate, so i thought i’d give Mulu Raw Chocolate a try; starting with ‘Dark with Raw Cacao Nibs’.
the all organic ingredients are;
raw cacao butter, raw agave nectar, raw cacao powder, roar cacao nibs, sunflower lecithin & ground vanilla.
inside the fairly small square box, the chocolate comes in nine thick chunks – about as thick as a yorkie bar but much easier to break – with the cacao nibs squidged on top of the chocolate.
i should cocoa 2 i should cocoa 3
breaking a chunk off (it’s surprisingly soft) i waft it under my snout *sniff sniff* it’s got the promising smell of a chocolate/coffee liqueur – but what does it taste like?

*chomp chomp* hmmm, it’s got a creamy melt in the mouth texture – but what does it taste like?
hmmm, it’s neither particularly sweet or bitter –  but what does it taste like?

well, it’s not got a very strong taste of anything! with only the addition of the crunchy cacao nibs adding a little flavour.
VERY disappointing – i thought raw chocolate would have had a more chocolatey taste than ‘normal’ chocolate – how can it taste of nothingness!? humph!
and have i told you it’s 33.3 pence a chunk!?
humph! :o<

1 paw out of five”

i should cocoa 4



21 thoughts on “Mulu Raw Chocolate- GUEST REVIEW

  1. this was quite NterestiN review Fuzzy, i would have been sure that raw chocklat would taste very choccie!
    ur photos r wonderfur 🌻


  2. great review and what a cute bear…..oh, wait a minute, it’s me!
    chocolate update:
    i’ve now had the chance to try the other bar; it’s not as soft as the first & it’s got a slight flavour!! unfortunately it tastes of watered down acrylic paint :o<


  3. Boooooooooooooooo to nothingness! I did try raw cacao nibs before and they were kind of blah so I’m not surprised they add no flavour but you’d think the choccie bar would have some kinda flavour. Another one on the “don’t buy” list. Thanks Fuzzy (and Jezzer).


  4. So sad you didn’t like the chocolate! Raw chocolate does not go through the roasting process (the part which develops the chocolate flavour we have come to know) so it does have less ‘taste’. Also regular chocolate with sugar, coats your mouth giving the impression of more flavour. Agave is a liquid and does not act in that way so you are left without an after taste xx


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