Cocomaya “Pisa Espresso” and “Mumbai Curry”- JOINT REVIEW

Whitby– a beautiful seaside town in Yorkshire famous for its Abbey, and also for Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula which is partially set here. And now also famous for being the residence of my wonderful friends Lucky, Bluey, Honey and pals. To my knowledge they are not vampires, so you can put those crosses and raw garlic away (unless you’re a chef in which case carry on).


They were very kind to send me two bars of chocolate from Cocomaya, an exclusive chocolatier  based in London. The two they chose are from Cocomaya’s “Around the world” selection and are Pisa Espresso and Mumbai Curry. Well of course, Mumbai Curry flavoured chocolate is so unusual that I decided it was too much for just one bear to try- so I have also taken the opinions of Lucky and Diane to form a joint review:


lovely packaging!
lovely packaging!

1. Cocomaya Mumbai Curry Milk Chocolate

a) Jeremy’s opinion: tastes precisely like a jalfrezi style curry. The Indian flavours overpower the chocolate somewhat. The texture of the chocolate is very high quality, but the flavour and aroma leave something to be desired. An acquired taste to say the least. 3 paws out of 5

b) Diane’s opinion: “smells nice, tastes a bit salty.. still like chilli chocolate best”.

c) Lucky & pals’ opinion: “Mumbai curry choklate, where dus we start. Well we is sorry to say we didn’t really like it. In fact we put it in our mouths to try an ad to spit it out. Unfortunately not our taste but we is sure othas wud luv it.”


2. Cocomaya Pisa Espresso Dark Chocolate

Now we’re talking! A beautiful, rich, dark chocolate with a decadent coffee flavour that would delight any coffee lover. Perfecto! 5 paws out of 5

Big thanks to Lucky, Bluey et al; Diane; the city of Mumbai; and Bram Stoker for scaring the cr*p out of many generations of children and teddy bears.





10 thoughts on “Cocomaya “Pisa Espresso” and “Mumbai Curry”- JOINT REVIEW

  1. Yay grate blog Jeremy fank yoo for the Whitby menshun an the nice fings yoo sed bouts us. We fink yor grate 😊😊 dusnt fink we will be tastin curry choklate again tho hehe. Glad yoo liked the Pisa Espresso 😊😊

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  2. Fantastic reviews, Jezzer and friends. I was a little curious about the curry chocolate but I’ll take your word on it.

    Hope Arthur didn’t eat too much of the chocolate. Looks an awful lot for one little elephant;-)

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  3. Dear Jeremy another fine blog you’ve got us into!! The curry choc sounds revolting (sorry) now the Pisa Espresso sounds intriguing and very tasty Thank you every one


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