Kenny Koala’s guest review on Jezzer Checks Chocs

Hiya! Its Kenny Koala here (@kennykoalabear) writing his first ever guest review for Jezzer’s fantastic blog! I love chocolate so much so it is very much a huge privilege to be guest reviewing some chocolate!

The chocolate I am reviewing today was given to me by Jezzer at the awesome Chocolate tweet up at Bourneville in Birmingham with the chocolate actually being given by the wonderful Reddy (@reddy1408)!

The chocolate I am reviewing is interesting! The chocolate I have reviewed is called ‘Beyond Dark; Moments of Pleasure- 70% dark chocolate with hints of raspberry’. I was very excited to try these chocolate drops as dark chocolate is one of my favourites and 70% cocoa content means this is VERY dark chocolate (Cadbury’s Bourneville chocolate is around 35%). The raspberry flavouring was something I was also excited to try as I love fruity flavoured things! The chocolate also says it is high in antioxidants which mean that this chocolate is actually healthy for you! Yay for healthy chocolate!

Me and Sheila
Me and Sheila

I have to say this chocolate exceeded my expectations. With such a high cocoa content I was worried that the chocolate may be bitter and overpower any raspberry flavouring, however, this was not the case. The chocolate tasted very pure and chocolatey and had a clear flavour of raspberry! The chocolate drops smelt delectable and chocolatey just how I like my chocolate!

My sister Sheila also really liked these chocolate drops and she normally likes Milky Way chocolate best so they must be beary good!

I was beary impressed with these chocolate drops. They were acesome! I give it 5 paws out of 5 as they were very yummy and the fact that they may actually be a bit slightly healthy for you was a huge bonus!

Thank you to Jeremy and Reddy for allowing me to try this unusual and lovely chocolate. I would love to try these chocolates again! As you may know I love baking and cayks (sneaky plug for my recipe book with profits going to the fab charity Alfie’s Law- please click here) and I would love to use these chocolate drops in cookies or muffins as I think this would taste delicious!

Overall I would recommend these chocolate drops to lovers of chocolate as they are very scrumptious!

5 paws out of 5!


14 thoughts on “Kenny Koala’s guest review on Jezzer Checks Chocs

  1. Yay a grate Blog. Well dun Kenny the choklate drops dus soun ratha delishus an we learnt sumfin we didn’t noes yoo as a cookery book an the proceeds goin to a grate cause. We will be lukin into that 😊😊


  2. What a lovely review Kenny, great work for your first time. I don’t much like raspberry or dark chocolate so I doubt these are for me, but I hope you find some more!

    I also have the cookery book – it’s for vegetarians like my asst and is full of pictures to help!


  3. Wow, first off great review Kenny, dark choc and raspberry two of my favs, and healthy for you “Bonus” top review I will also be looking for the book sounds great and has a good cause too


  4. OH WE DOGGIES! How great to get a chocolate review and get to know Kenny Koala better and meet sissy Sheila – another great blog post! Ever your pals Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite


  5. Mmmm they sownd yummy, me wantie, heehee! As Kenny is a grrreat cook ey’d tayk this to the bank – or is that kitchen cupboard? Hiya Sheila, nise ta see ya!
    Smashing review, top blog, as evva!
    Huuggs and kissies!
    Mogs and Paco xxxxxxxxxxxx


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