Guinness Chocolate and Japanese KitKat Part 3

1. Guinness Luxury Dark Chocolate Bar (52% cocoa)

Luck of the Irish– we’ve all heard the expression, but I’ve never truly known what it means until I met the lovely @DuffyBlanks on twitter. I am very lucky to call Duffy (and mam) my friends. Please share in my good luck and follow Duffy on twitter at once!

Now Duffy has very generously sent me over some chocolate with an Irish twist to try for my blog. Guinness Dark Chocolate combines the world famous stout with Lir Chocolate, who are award winning Irish chocolatiers. Read about the interesting story behind their name here.

The only time I’ve come across Guinness before is in this form:


However, my attempts to replicate the experience with the chocolate bar failed miserably:


So then I tried it with a cup of tea. Much better!:


On breaking open the foil, you are immediately hit by that familiar aroma of Guinness soaked into many a pub carpet floor as you lay face down in your own drool after a heavy evening of drinking and fighting. We’ve all been there, right? RIGHT? Oh, it’s just me then. Moving swiftly on….

The first taste is a very different experience to the aroma. In fact, you can barely taste the Guinness at all. I’d say in a blind tasting I would probably describe it as coffee flavoured chocolate rather than stout flavoured. That being said, I still think it is absolutely brilliant and I would happily eat this after a busy afternoon of kissing the Blarney Stone and partying with Bono. 6 paws out of 5

2. Japanese KitKat (part 3)

Avid readers of my blog will know that I have already covered Wasabi, Citrus Golden Blend, Chilli and Edamame flavours in parts 1 and 2 (why the blank faces when I say “avid readers”?) Anyway, here’s part 3 whether you like it or not!

i. Strawberry:

So many flavours!
So many flavours!

Strawberries. Ah, strawberries. Strawberries and cream. Wimbledon. Afternoon Pimms on the lawn. Rainy summers. Festivals. The sound of leather on willow. Punting. Henley  Regatta. Fish and chips and a warm pint. Ah yes…. *looks longingly into the distance*

4 paws out of 5

ii. Matcha Green Tea:

Vomit0 paw out of 5

iii. Hojicha Roasted Tea:

When you’ve left your tea bag to brew too long in the pot and now it tastes almost stewed- that. Bleugh. 0 paws out of 5


NB. Today I have been modelling the official Australian Cricket Team’s outfit courtesy of Pete and Bill Bear. Thanks guys!


11 thoughts on “Guinness Chocolate and Japanese KitKat Part 3

  1. Yay we luvs the souns of the Guiness choklate an we luvs the way yoo described the smell Jeremy hehe. Also the strawberry kit Kat souns luvly, the otha two – yuk. Awesum cricket gear 😊😊


  2. Another great review !! Guinness and chocolate…sounds lovely. I have heard they work well together.
    Might give the Matcha and Hojicha a miss


  3. Mmmm seems like I’m the same as every one else here, yes please to Guinness and strawberry n creme , no to the other ones, great work as usual Jeremy , and looking good in the outfit, you wear it well 😊


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