Batemans Mocha Beer- GUEST REVIEW

Hot on the heels of his wonderful Mulu Raw Chocolate review, the very lovely Fuzzy Bear has wasted no time in submitting another great review for my blog- but with a twist, as you’re about to find out!

But before you read his review, please click and take a look at his little Fuzzy creations, and consider adopting one. Life is a million times better with a little Fuzzy cousin in your life- fact!

Batemans Mocha Coffee and Chocolate Beer

“okay, so it’s not chocolate…….but it IS
this batemans mocha 6% beer has both real COFFEE beans & real belgium CHOCOLATE in it!! woohoo!!
batemans is an independant brewery from lincolnshire, uk.
beer 1
i must point out that my human is not a drinker, so in my ten years i have never tried alcohol,
but i persuaded her to purchase this special beer for ‘research’ purposes – ahem.
i hurt my paws trying to get the lid off – *OUCH* – apparently you have a special tool for this…..
anyway i finally got the lid off and poured a splash of beer in a glass.
the first thing i notice once the froth has gone down is the lovely dark chocolatey colour.
beer 2 beer 3
i swirl the beer around in the glass and take a long sniff *snnniiiiffffff* mmm, it smells nice although
there’s only a faint smell of coffee and not much of a smell of chocolate. it goes down smoothly,
mmm, i could get used to this!
i wouldn’t say it tastes particularly coffee-ee or chocolatey, but it IS a very nice beer – mmmmm
they also do a ‘hazelnut brownie’ beer, which i might have to try…..
4 paws out of 5 (it would have been five if i’d have been able to taste the chocolate!)
er, why has my vision clouded? what’s happening!? *flop* “
beer 4

13 thoughts on “Batemans Mocha Beer- GUEST REVIEW

  1. Fuzzy dear Fuzzy I just love your report and the photo at the end made me laugh out loud, love it my friend


  2. Wow, mocha beer, what will they think of next, sounds intriguing , I’m no beer drinker either, neither is my Hoomin , but We would both try this, great review Fuzzy 😊😊


  3. Loved the photo and the review — shame there wasn’t enough chocolate taste – they just don’t get that we bears NEED to TASTE the chocolate! d’oh – otherwise, what’s the point? Nice one Fuzzy


  4. Above and beyond the call of duty for a reviewer, hehe! Nevva a fan of beer ey woold definitly giv this a go – wiv lotsa water and vitamin c tablets nearby! Super review, fab piccies – annuva grrreat wun frum Fuzzy! :O)xxxxxxxxxxxx


  5. Hi Jeremy!
    Another great guest blog! M says I’m not old enough to try beer myself, so I’m glad that Fuzzy Bear was able to report back for me. I hope he’s OK now, as Ted tells me that beer gives you a bad head!
    I have to say that my first requirement for anything chocolatey is that you can taste the chocolate, so I don’t think I’d want to try this drink. I’ll stick to my hot chocolate instead (accompanied by a yummy bar of chocolate, of course!)
    Odd Sock xxx


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