Lots of chocs!

Here’s a roundup of various chocolates my friends have very kindly sent me in the past few months. 

M&Ms “Birthday Cake”

This was sent to me by Tourguide Ted, who knows I like to try the unusual M&M flavours not usually available in the UK.

What's on my head?
What’s on my head?

These were sweet! So sweet. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet. A bit too sweet. 

Nom nom nom....
Nom nom nom….

I wasn’t a big fan of these. 3 paws out of 5

Here’s a picture of me on an M&M car in Florida last week:

Vroom vroom
Vroom vroom

Hachez Cocoa de Maracaibo Raspberry Almond

This absolutely delicious chocolate bar contains 55.5% premium cocoa from Venezuela. It was very kindly sent to my by my lovely friends Burnie and Greg Bear and family on canbesocial.com

Nice packaging
Nice packaging
Fluff the Dragon was keen to try some
Fluff the Dragon was keen to try some
Wheeeeee, Arthur
Wheeeeee, Arthur

I really enjoyed this very much. Exquisitely smooth chocolate with delicious almond crunchiness and raspberry sharpness.

World Cup champions and producers of some of the best chocolate in the world- can the Germans do no wrong? (After 1944).  5 paws out of 5

Redstone’s Chocolate Margarita

Another unusual chocolate Tourguide Ted brought back from the States for me. Chocolate AND booze- what’s not to like? Well this actually- the Belgian chocolate wasn’t too bad, but the very thin layer of lime in the centre was quite the disappointment.  3 paws out of 5

Milk Chocolate margarita
Milk Chocolate margarita

Here’s a picture of me drinking a prickly pear margarita in Florida last week:



North Chocolates

(Handmade in Newcastle upon Tyne)

My super duper wonderful pal Boo Boo Bear Green sent me three bars of chocolate from North Chocolates, based in Newcastle. Their chocolates contains less sugar, no vegetable fats, and more cocoa and cocoa butter. I have it on good authority that they give free samples to try too.


There's no fog on this Tyne!
There’s no fog on this Tyne!

1. Lemon & Lemon Sea Salt milk chocolate: my word what an unusual taste sensation. Almost impossible to describe! WONDERFUL milk chocolate combined with tiny explosions of lemony salty joy on the tongue. Delicious delicious delicious. 5 paws out of 5

2. Ginger & Fennel dark chocolate: I’ve tried spicy chocolate before, but this is spicy in a different way. The crystallised ginger and toasted fennel make for a subtle spice but without the burn of chillies. Fennel and ginger is supposed to be good for the tummy so I think this would make a good post-dinner accompaniment with tea or coffee. 4 paws out of 5

3. Geranium dark chocolate: on opening the packaging you are immediately hit by the floral scent, which is reminiscent of turkish delight. Once again, the 70% cocoa content chocolate is delicious and the the floral note is very strong. An acquired taste, but one that is highly recommended. 4 paws out of 5

And now to Scotland:

Irn-Bru Chewy Sweets

It’s made from girders! Or is it? Only one way to find out!


Mmm…. chewy and ermm…. Irn-Bru-y. I actually quite liked these but you need strong bear jaws to get through one, ROAR! Thanks Sir Scamp! You’re awesome. 4 paws out of 5

Charlotte Flower Scots Pine flavoured Madagascar (66% cocoa)

A nice post card & chocolate from Reddy
A nice post card & chocolate from Reddy

My wonderful friend and Panda Jumper Army creator Reddy sent me this lovely post card and chocolate whilst on holiday in Scotland. Soon we’ll need a passport to holiday in Scotland if Alex Salmond has his way.

This chocolate is handmade in Highland Perthshire and the wrapper reliably informs me that the Scots for je ne sais quoi is dinnae ken whitThis is yet another chocolate bar that does a very complicated dance on your taste buds (a Scottish jig?). Very unusual and surprisingly zesty and refreshing. Yum. 4 paws out of 5


12 thoughts on “Lots of chocs!

  1. Thanks so much Jezzer for sharing your chocolate testing with us…but for us without putting on weight by reading! hehehee…We are especially beary happy that you gave our Hachez chocolate 5 out of 5 paws! We also tried it in real…and we share your taste: 5 of 5 paws, too!
    Sometimes it’s a pity that we can’t buy the chocolates you’re testing, as we’d really love to try this “Lemon & lemon Sea Salt milk chocolate”!


  2. The lemony one does sound intriguing. Sorry I did a rubbish job on supplying US chocolate this time – but hey, I never know cos I don’t try em first (that’s your job!)

    Great job as always and amazing what flavours folks with put in chocolate!

    Oh, and I don’t think much of the Irn Bru drink (finally tried) but I am liking the toffees 😀


  3. Loved the choco reviews. Would love to try the lemon one as well. Have always loved choco from Argentina and we give you five paws for being pawdorable. Hug


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