Dinkers, Twecckles, eyeballs and “Super Mario”

Hello friends! Welcome to a special edition of Jezzer Checks Chocs, released to coincide with Teddy Embassy Chocolate Night on twitter.

1. I’d like to start things off by telling you about my wonderful friend Dee H. Dodgson. Many of you will already know that she is the creator of a wonderful series of books about very special bears called Dinkers; and more recently magical tree dwelling creatures called Twecckles. Some of you will even have actual Dinkers and Twecckles living with you! I myself am lucky to live with two Twecckles- Chewba and Tookal.


And I’m also very honoured to be part of the Twecckle books. You can find the series of Twecckle short stories available to download on Kindle here. And I highly recommend them.

On my birthday, knowing my love of chocolate (shocking news I know) lovely Dee and assistant Potter “Potty” Winkles sent me some delicious home made chocolate to try- “Potty’s Popapa- Aftershock” and “Potty’s Popapa- Eyeball Squeezer“.

spoilt bear!
Spoilt bear! Chocolates from Dee and LT, Lu & Christian.

In case you were wondering, Popapa means Potty’s particular passion. And the verdict? Both the Aftershock and Eyeball Squeezer sweets were delicious, but i think of the two, my favourite was the Aftershock with its raisins and popping candy. Thank you Dee! 5 paws out of 5.

2. Now here’s something unusual. A chocolate bar that’s also good for the eyes? The theory behind “Eye Bar” is that it contains essential nutrients which studies have shown can be beneficial to the eyes. This particular chocolate contains zinc, lutein/ zeaxanthin, vitamins C and E, and copper. 

Let's all go to the Eye Bar!
Let’s all go to the Eye Bar!

The cocoa content was unavailable at the time of tasting. The taste itself was unremarkable, except for the presence of an unusual citrus-like twang afterwards. The texture is slightly crispy, and on the whole the chocolate was not unpleasant. However, I can’t help but think that this is a bit gimmicky. Hoomin says if you keep a balanced diet with plenty of green vegetables and some oily fish, you’ll be fine. If you can quit smoking and make sure you visit your friendly local Optometrist on a regular basis, even better!  3 paws out of 5

The eyes have it!
The eyes have it!

3. Football- the beautiful game, and something Jezzer knows nothing about (being bottom of the Bearclays Anipal League is proof of that!) But one thing I do know is my good friend Sir Scamp (bows head to his lordship) loves football. Liverpool is his team of choice (others are available) and even I know that they’ve recently signed one of Italy’s great forwards, Mario Balotelli aka “Super Mario”. He has a catchphrase: “Why always me?”. I have no answer. But I do have two chocolate bars from Sir Scamp to review. Let’s go:

Morrison’s “M” Signature Creamy Cappuccino Milk Chocolate– it’s not bad. But where’s the coffee taste? It’s there somewhere…. hiding. Possibly behind my bear tonsils. 3 paws out of 5

Morrison’s “M” Signature Caramel & Raspberry White Chocolate- white chocolate, she sweet. Caramel, she sweeeeet. Freeze dried raspberries, she sweeeeeeet. The whole thing- she so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. 4 paws out of 5




10 thoughts on “Dinkers, Twecckles, eyeballs and “Super Mario”

  1. Oooo Jeremy what a tastE birthday gift Dee has sent u & homemade makes it that more speshul! u r a luckE bear 😉 & SirScamp sent sweets 2 a so sweet & fun bear i do Blieve. *spin spin spinnnnnn*


  2. Hi Jeremy
    Great blog! Happy belated birthday from me! I can’t believe I missed Teddy Embassy chocolate evening!
    Sounds like you needed the special eye improving Choccie after eating Dee’s eyeball squeezer! All the CHOCCIE sounds yummy, and you’ve inspired me to go and find a bar to eat myself…. And don’t worry, I know even less about footie than you do, Jeremy!
    Love Odd xxx


  3. Jezzer – I loved your notes on chocolate! Lots of interesting facts, there, my friend! Thanks for posting. Am reading more of your blogs right now. Have a special day! – Your Friend – “JellyBean”


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