Chips Ahoy mateys! -GUEST REVIEW

“Hi…. It’s Sugah here… writing my first EVER guest chocolate review for the wonderful Jeremy Bear! It all started with a plop through my letter box… Read on to see how the story unfolds…

It was a beary special day when this happened

What could it possibly be!? PENTAX Image
…. Yes ! My fav. kind of surprise….. Chocolate from my friend Jeremy!

The technical part, requires some looking into PENTAX Image

PENTAX Image Oh yes … It’s the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Chips Ahoy up first…. Which is milk chocolate with a biscuit flavour filling and chocolate chip biscuit pieces.

PENTAX Image ….. The tasting!

*Takes a bite* It’s rude to talk with one’s mouth full, but I’d just like to mention how delightful the packaging looks with its funny little pirate and his cutlass on a sea of cream …CHIPS AHOY MATEYS!!.. *Swallows*

I can confirm it’s a smooth yet gritty biscuit (in a white cream layer) with a crunch and lots of smaller crunches to follow, with the familiar creamy taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk. The combination does make it a bit sweeeet after the first 6 pieces! There were not many visible chocolate chips like the name suggested, but did enjoy this one 4 paws out of 5!

Now onto the second chocolate bar, which is the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Ritz

I was quite intrigued with this one… as I does like the Ritz saltiness … here goes… I loved the share sized pieces and the fact that they were easily separable. I had a sniff and there was only a small whiff of savoury and on closer inspection I thought there should have been more biscuit to chocolate ratio. On tasting, my taste buds worked really hard to get the saltiness and I did think at one point I tasted a grain…. But it was a V. good grain…. The biscuit did kinda feel strange in my mouth, like no crunch, more of a softness…. Thought overall it was a good idea to have chunky chocolate and a savoury together, it just needed more oomph with the saltiness. 3 paws out of 5!

Thank You Jeremy for the chocolates and letting me write this chocolate review. Love to you all, Sugah”



4 thoughts on “Chips Ahoy mateys! -GUEST REVIEW

  1. Well done Sugah on a great analysis of these chocs, the Choc chip one sounds superb , the ritze one I know is great as I’ve tried it courtesy of Jezza, also funny photos , great work 😄


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