From the Bahamas to Japan (via Essex)

Hello friends. Today I shall be bringing you a variety of chocolate bars from around the globe. And Essex. This will truly be the United Nations of chocolate reviews!

1. Iron Brew Bar

My friend Boo Boo Bear Green helps a local animal rescue charity by selling homeless teddy bears to be re-homed. And this is how M.C. Bear (aka Big Mac) came to live with us.

IMG_4642 IMG_0937


And best of all, Big Mac came to my home bearing lots of presents and sweeties!! Most intriguing of these was a bar of chocolate labelled Curiously Wicked “Iron Brew Bar” from Northumberland. This was white chocolate made from minimum 20% cocoa solids and a very strong taste of Iron-Bru (Scotland’s soft drink of choice). This was delicious and the Iron-Bru flavour worked surprisingly well with the white chocolate. Score: 5 paws out of 5

2. Maxwells “Apple Cinnamon Crumble”

Dragons love coffee & chocolate
Dragons love coffee & chocolate

This was a handmade chocolate made in Colchester, Essex, and uses ethically sourced Belgian milk chocolate of minimum 34% cocoa content. It had a short expiration date because it didn’t have too many nasty chemicals in it. This was very kindly sent to me by the lovely Rosie Bear who I’m proud to call a wonderful friend. The real apple pieces and cinnamon “pearls” really make this a delicious chocolate experience. Highly recommended. Score: 5 paws out of 5

3. Hokkaido Royce Chocolate

A few weeks ago I had the honour of meeting some twitter friends in London on a Beer Tweetup organised by Arpad Bear and Jezza.

IMG_4684 IMG_4690IMG_4692




It was lots of fun and a great deal of beer was drank.

On a recent trip to New York Arpad very kindly got me this Japanese chocolate bar from Greenwich Village. 


This was an absolutely delicious milk chocolate and I have it on good authority from March Bear that it is very popular brand in Japan. Delicious! Score: 5 paws out of 5

4. Graycliff Sand Dollar 29% White Chocolate

On a trip to Florida last month Tour Guide Ted was lucky enough to go on a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas. I’m not jealous at all. No sir.

Jealousy aside, Ted did manage to bring me back a chocolate bar produced by Graycliff Chocolatier of Nassau, Bahamas. The packaging was rather lovely.



This was a lovely white chocolate, but nothing special to distinguish it from the Milky Bars of the world. I will score this 4 paws out of 5

I think I need a lie down after all that chocolate………



14 thoughts on “From the Bahamas to Japan (via Essex)

  1. Yay love them all and the pix! Iron Bear selection may be the choco I will try next. We love these and hope you all have a beautiful holiday season. Thankful you are my pals. Hugs, Sadie.


  2. The apple crumble sounds DELICIOUS. I had the Bahamian white chocolate too, I made mine! Thought it was good too, but like you said, no better than other it’s type.

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