Churchill War Rooms

On Wednesday I had the privilege of meeting Aunty Lillian and Tourguide Ted in London, and the highlight was seeing the Churchill Cabinet War Rooms, which was the WW2 bunker that sheltered Winston Churchill and the Cabinet during The Blitz.

I’d like to to share a few snaps from the day. I’m sure Tourguide Ted will post a more comprehensive review of the day on his marvellous website in due course.

The Cabinet Room:

Cabinet Room



Protecting the PM:guarding the PM

I could be PM!I could be PM

Just round the corner

Winston loved to be comfy:
Churchill loved his onesies!

Can’t see a thing:Can't see a thing!

Nice coats:nice coats

Remember to vote Jezzer:Vote Jezzer!



7 thoughts on “Churchill War Rooms

  1. I wish I would have been there too, but it seems my little talented photographer carried me elsewhere to have me sit still for an hour or two until he finally finishes his picture.


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