Bendicks Mint Collection- GUEST REVIEW

The eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith, once said “Bow ties are cool”. To that I would like to add border collies. And the coolest collie I know is Jess, rescued by her mama and a shining light of twitter since 2010. So a big round of applause for Jess and mum, and a big thank you to them* for this review of Bendicks Mint Collection (and no, there’s no apostrophe in Bendicks, I’ve checked.):


“Oooh! Mum was given some Bendicks Mint Collection because she had been a very good girl.

First thing to say, we loved the packaging and the chocolate looked really super in their wrappings.

We are lovers of mint chocolate and these did not disappoint.

We tried the gold wrapped, Victorian Mint, first… at Jezzer’s suggestion.

Decisions decisions...
Decisions decisions…

Dark chocolate with an intense, peppermint flavoured fondant. When mum had stopped singing she gave that one 5 paws out of 5

The Dark English Mint baton was next to the tasting lab.

Delicious with coffee and the perfect size for a little treat, she ate three in a row. We like the all chocolate, chocolate and this one gets a grand 5 paws out of 5

The Chocolate Mint Crisp, in a pale green wrapper, was beautiful to look at and with tiny honeycomb pieces and a gentle peppermint flavour the singing began again 5 paws out of 5

Hmmm. I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

Finally, The Bittermint.

The chocolate menu says “The original and most famous Bendicks mint”. This is a large chocolate. More like a biscuit in size. It has a firm fondant and is made with 95% cocoa solids. Wooeee! That’s a punchy chocolate. It was declared “divine” & “strong” and “a one chocolate break”, meaning she couldn’t eat two in a row. We gave this one 4 paws out of 5

These were the most delicious mint chocolates we’ve had. They tasted wonderful. They smelled very minty although each one smelled subtly different. A paws up from us.”

The cup overfloweth!!
The cup overfloweth!!

*remember furiends, this chocolate was bravely tested by Jess’ mum as chocolate is poisonous to dogs. Please don’t feed our woofy pals made-for-human chocolate!!


8 thoughts on “Bendicks Mint Collection- GUEST REVIEW

  1. Yummm! Made my mom drool. Aw, wuv u Jess and JezzBear and send u drooling hugs. We will try these choco treats soon. Thanks for the review.

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  2. I’m glad she was a good girl! Good girls get rewards like this! I’m not a fan of mint but I’m glad they were so good they made your mommy sing!

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  3. Looks good, will have to ask Mum when she’s out shopping next to see if she can find a box of these in our stores so we all here can give them a try.


    (@ozziequirkybear -twitter, brother to @BenniHicksChloe – twitter)


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