Moet, the blind survivor

This story gave me leaky eyes.

Hugo and his Friends

Here we are, our next guest post: brave and very cute Moet, the blind cat!
By our twitter friend @MoetBlindCat (with some help from her Mum) !
Moet and toy
I first met Moet when I went to the vet one day for the usual supplies for my first rescue, Luna, and was asking about getting another cat or kitten. As they knew me well and also knew my love of cats and attentive loving care for them, they said they had a 1 year old blind cat up for adoption, but that it wouldn’t be advertised because they wanted just the ‘right’ owner for her. My instant reaction was that I didn’t want a blind cat. I’m out all day at work and a ‘special needs’ cat just instantly seemed too ‘difficult’.
 Moet after surgery
However, they persuaded me to “just come and see her”. So I did, as I love cats and…

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2 thoughts on “Moet, the blind survivor

  1. 🙂 thanks for the re-post and link to Hugo’s blog too.
    Moet is simply an amazing girl and every day she makes me smile and thank my lucky stars she’s in my life. I love her lots.


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