Do Klingons like chocolate?

Apparently, in space no one can hear you scream. But what we really want to know is can they hear you munch a chocolate bar? And, more importantly, which fictional alien species enjoys chocolate the most? Can we somehow use the Large Hadron Collider, along with the combined intellects of Professor Brian Cox and Professor Stephen Hawking, to answer this important question? Well until they find a way, let’s ask Michael Dorn, aka Lt. Commander Worf, if he enjoys chocolate.


So it seems chocolate is “tricky”. Klingons- why always so enigmatic?? *rolls eyes*

1. Choc Affair’s Peach and Raspberry White Chocolate and Kennedy’s Mint Bubble Crisp

My fellow Aviator and Zombie Squad member, and Domestic Manager of Furry Tails, Lucky and family went on holibobs to Appledore in North Devon recently, and sent me some lovely choccys from The Appledore Chocolate Shop and a card from there.


Lucky's BIG family
Lucky’s BIG family!

As you can see, Lucky is lucky enough (see what I did there) to live with a large family of bears and twecckles from Sherford Bear, The Knitted Bear Company and Fuzzy’s Faux Pas Bears. Don’t they look lovely?

The Mint Bubble Crisp milk chocolate (cocoa 30.7%) was very lovely with balls of bubbly minty chocolate set into the top of the bar, with mini chocolate balls liberally sprinkled among them (see above picture). I enjoyed it very much. 5 paws out of 5

The Peach and Raspberry White Chocolate  (cocoa 28%) was made by an independent British company using sustainably grown chocolate. It was also delicious, and not too cloying and sweet as some fruity white chocolates can tend to be. 5 paws out of 5

2. Ooh Chocolata! Very Nutty Milk Chocolate

Look at this lovely book and chocolates the world famous Tourguide Ted sent me!! In my next life I want to be a jet plane.


This 50g bar of Ooh! chocolate (best name ever) had generous quantities of almond nuts in it, and the chocolate itself was minimum 38% cocoa. It was very yummy and crunchy and really hit the spot when my teddy tummy was rumbling. 5 paws out of 5

3. Galler Praline Noir

I’ve mentioned before my good friends Arpad and Jezza’s amazing beer blog- please check it out here.

On a recent trip to Belgium (a chocolate and beer lover’s paradise) they were kind enough to think of me and send me a couple of choccys and a card. One of those was Galler Dark Chocolate (min 45% cocoa) with praline filling. Well what a joy to behold. Basically, luxury in chocolate bar form, I half expected a butler to walk in as I ate this and say “Your bubble bath and teddy bear masseuse are ready, sir. Can I pour you some champagne?” In fact, if you combine this chocolate with a lovely glass (or bottle) of bubbly, I think all your troubles will instantly wash away. Before returning again the next morning along with a hangover. 5 paws out of 5




5 thoughts on “Do Klingons like chocolate?

  1. Woo hoo Klingon replied! Made me do a doggy happy dance. We love the tips for the choco and have added the first one to our snack list! High paws and thanks for making us giggle. Hug.

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