“D’ya want a flake in that luv?”

Lingering in my chocolate cupboard (under lock and key at all times, naturally) for a long time has been a bar of chocolate sent to me courtesy of Kenny Koala bear. Manufactured by Fenwick’s, they of 19th century department store fame; and The Chocolate Smiths, which I assume are a chocolatey version of the eighties band, this bar is named “Chip Shop Special”.


Now I have tried Curry Sauce flavoured chocolate before, and the results weren’t as bad as I thought it would be. This, however, looks to be another level. So I bravely donned my Boba Fett helmet for protection, poured myself a beer (well known to be the only way to kill a bad curry) and opened her up.

The 35% Belgian milk chocolate looked surprisingly nice and shiny, and had a lovely snap to it. The embedded “chips” were not too salty. And the overall taste wasn’t actually too bad at all- like a background hint of mild korma. All in all, I would say it was pretty good. Certainly a wonderful gift for the curry lover in your life. I give it 3.5 paws out of 5.

Thank you Kenny! And now a humble request- please take a look at Kenny’s human’s fund raising page. She hopes to volunteer on a children’s project in Peru and is getting closer and closer to her target every day. Please dig deep and sponsor her and Kenny for such a worthy cause if you can. Big big thanks.

On a final note, you’re probably wondering about the Flake reference in the title to this post. Well, the beer I chose to wash my “curry and chips” down with was an “Ice cream pale ale” by Northern Monk Brew Company. Its creaminess put me in mind of a Boddington’s beer, which in turn reminded me of this:


IMG_5594Cheers till next time!


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