Checkin’ Chocs for Jezzer.

A Jezzer Checks Chocs guest special!

Benni & Hicks & Chloe & Chantilly

Our awesome ted-mate and fellow blogger Jeremy Bear from Jezzer Checks Chocs has asked us to do a review of some choccie we came across the other day that isn’t available where he lives.   Needless to say my brother and I jumped at the chance to eat Chocolate in the name of helping a friend out!!


The chocolate we’re reviewing for Jeremy is Cadbury’s Apple Crumble and Cadbury’s Lamington Chocolate Blocks…we had to force Mummy to go to two supermarkets for these as the Apple Crumble Block was only available through Coles and the Lamington was only available through Woolworths.


We decided to give the Apple Crumble a try first.  Opening it up it sure looks good…smells okay too…our resident baker bear Benaud has stepped up to investigate this one closely.  We were expecting a bit more “bits” of apple crumble.


The first bite…not too bad…but the second and a…

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One thought on “Checkin’ Chocs for Jezzer.

  1. Yay, guest bears. Great post and pix! We will try the first choco if only to join in licking the carpet, hee. Yum, for the second. Wags from your honorary tedmate, Sadie.


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