My Christmas haul

Christmas is over, and the January blues are sinking in. By now, most of us have broken our New Year’s resolutions, pay day is still a long ways away, the nights are long and cold, and Springtime is still just a glint in Mother Nature’s eye. On top of all that, we have Trump’s inauguration and the triggering of Article 50 to look forward to. So I would like to look back with fond memories to the many generous gifts and cards I received from my lovely Anipal friends on twitter- when all is going wrong, they are there to remind me that the world hasn’t quite gone to hell yet.

So please enjoy my slideshow, and thank you again to all my pals for making my Christmas very special. See if you can spot your card in there, and shout out in the comments if you do!

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13 thoughts on “My Christmas haul

  1. So cute! loved the overalls from icypinklemonade! Did not see my card, but wish you lots of choco fun and glee in 2017. Sadie Hugs


  2. Hello Jeremy! What a beartastic slideshow! Than you so much for sharing your Christmas joy about cards and pressies you’ve got from your many friends around the world! You are a wonderful friend and it makes us happy to see that your friends appreciates your friendship that much!
    We are honored that you even chose the Lindt tin box we sent for the ‘cover’ picture for your haul! The kids are quite satisfied that you gave the Lindt Coffee Chocolate 5 out of 5 paws!
    Thank you Jeremy for being our dear friend on twitter and cbs!

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