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The Chocolate Show

Today we have a special edition of #JezzerChecksChocs. Thanks to Zara Chocolates (and my twitter furiend and #Caykclub hostess Mogsbear who introduced me to them), I obtained free tickets to The Chocolate Show at the Olympia in London. Armed with knowledge on how to “taste” chocolate handed down to me by my other twitter furiend Honey Dog‘s mom, herself once a world travelling chocolate expert, I giddily skipped to Kensington (as much as I could skip on The Tube without get strange looks at any rate) and as a result here are some snaps from the day:

Waiting outside in the rain
First one inside!
Lots of stalls
Still quiet as I got in very early
Duffy’s chocolates are bean to bar


Best tree EVER
Thank you Zara’s for inviting me!
#chocolateroses selfie
Nice hat


Must taste the booze


I’d date this stall
Pigeons! (Just because)
Sexy chocolate dresses
Time to buy chocs!!


Cocoa and sausage rolls!
Mmmm… (not the bloke)


I also enjoyed a lecture on the history of chocolate and how to “taste” chocolate like wine tasting. A great day out! So I guess the diet starts tomorrow *kicks jezzdad*.


Checkin’ Chocs for Jezzer.

A Jezzer Checks Chocs guest special!

Benni & Hicks & Chloe & Chantilly

Our awesome ted-mate and fellow blogger Jeremy Bear from Jezzer Checks Chocs has asked us to do a review of some choccie we came across the other day that isn’t available where he lives.   Needless to say my brother and I jumped at the chance to eat Chocolate in the name of helping a friend out!!


The chocolate we’re reviewing for Jeremy is Cadbury’s Apple Crumble and Cadbury’s Lamington Chocolate Blocks…we had to force Mummy to go to two supermarkets for these as the Apple Crumble Block was only available through Coles and the Lamington was only available through Woolworths.


We decided to give the Apple Crumble a try first.  Opening it up it sure looks good…smells okay too…our resident baker bear Benaud has stepped up to investigate this one closely.  We were expecting a bit more “bits” of apple crumble.


The first bite…not too bad…but the second and a…

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Jezzer’s Easter 2016 Choccy Review

Put down your Easter eggs and prepare yourself for more opinions on chocolates I have nommed recently. All for your benefit of course. But first, as is now traditional, let us find out which member of the “Twitterati” (copyright some idiot) enjoys cocoa based confections….


Mr. Burgess, of indie band The Charlatans fame, I salute you sir.

1. Fazer Mignon

My lovely Finnish friend Lisa Bear did kindly tell me last year about a very special type of Easter egg made by one of the country’s biggest corporation, Fazer. A chocolate egg THAT ISN’T HOLLOW. Imagine, it friends…. a completely solid chocolate egg- it’s like every cub’s dream come true. Except my dream DID come true this year, because look what Lisa sent me:


A selection of Finland’s finest chocolates, including Fazer Mignon- a paw-made solid chocolate egg inside a real egg shell! The recipe apparently came from Germany in 1896, which, I’m reliably informed, is around the year Tourguide Ted was born!

Included was a handy leaflet with ideas on how to decorate the eggs. As I am a very creative bear, I think you will agree that I did a very good job on mine:

The filling itself is an almond and hazelnut nougat, and very velvety smooth in texture. Almost like a solidified Nutella.

Absolutely delicious. Puts hollow eggs to shame. BOW YOUR HEADS IN SHAME HOLLOW EGGS!!! The Mignon and the other Fazer Chocolates Lisa sent me, including a milk chocolate bar, a chilli flake filled bar and a soft peppermint filled dark chocolate bar, all scored very highly indeed. I give them all 7 paws out of 5. Well done Fazer, well done Finland, and well done my tummy *rubs tummy with satisfaction*.

2. Hershey’s Kisses with Macadamia Nuts “Muana Loa”

On a recent trip to Hawaii, Tourguide Ted picked up some special edition Hershey Kisses filled with Muana Loa macadamia nuts. (More recently, Diesel Bear sent me some very special Carrot Cake flavoured Hershey Kisses, but more on that in a future blog).

You can find Tourguide Ted’s comprehensive review of his Hawaii tour here.


According to the packaging, the first macadamia tree was planted on Big Island in 1946. According to my teddy bear tastebuds, I enjoyed this very much. 6 paws out of 5

3. North ‘Proper Coffee and Cardamon’

A certain lovely pal who happens to go by the name of Boo Boo Bear Green very kindly thought of little ol’ me (yet again!) on a recent trip to the shops:


I have reviewed North Chocolates before, and found them most delightful. I especially like the “shop local” and handmade in Newcastle aspects of the company. This particular flavour was gluten free and suitable for vegans. The dark chocolate was minimum 70% cocoa, and the coffee used was 100% Pure Lintong (Sumatran).

Cardamon is a seed derived spice which I am very familiar with as it is used in Indian cooking a great deal. It is the third most expensive spice after vanilla (which has been in the news recently) and saffron. It has a number of claimed health benefits, and the fact that my human is still alive might be testament to that (possibly). All I know is this chocolate bar was super duper scrummy. 5 paws out of 5

4. Booths ‘Sweet Fig with essence of Port’


In the above picture you will see that a couple of months ago I received a lovely chocolate bar from Reddy Teddy, a pawesome Star Wars Valentine greeting from Duffy Bear, and wicked anime glasses from J-List, a company that exports unusual (and frankly insane) Japanese foods and toys to the rest of the globe. As you can see, Wilfred is in his pyjamas, paw-made by wonderful Snuffy in Canada. Please check out Snuffy’s excellent anipal social media site canbesocial if you get a chance.

The sweet fig chocolate bar was very tasty (5 paws out of 5). All I kept thinking as I was eating it was this would be wonderful accompanied by a full bodied red. Any excuse hey? So cheers everybody and Happy Easter!!



Coming soon to Twitter!!


Please join Biddy and me for a twitter tea party in aid of Aching Arms charity. They provide teddy bears and bring comfort to parents after baby loss. Their charity aims to support the emotional and mental health needs of bereaved mothers and fathers in the UK.

*This virtual tea party is for everyone, not just stuffies!*

As well as collecting donations, we will have much fun and jolly japes during the afternoon, with noms and mini-competitions too! So please join us on Sunday 13th March at 3.15pm GMT. Be there, or be… umm…. hungry!!



Moet, the blind survivor

This story gave me leaky eyes.

Hugo and his Friends

Here we are, our next guest post: brave and very cute Moet, the blind cat!
By our twitter friend @MoetBlindCat (with some help from her Mum) !
Moet and toy
I first met Moet when I went to the vet one day for the usual supplies for my first rescue, Luna, and was asking about getting another cat or kitten. As they knew me well and also knew my love of cats and attentive loving care for them, they said they had a 1 year old blind cat up for adoption, but that it wouldn’t be advertised because they wanted just the ‘right’ owner for her. My instant reaction was that I didn’t want a blind cat. I’m out all day at work and a ‘special needs’ cat just instantly seemed too ‘difficult’.
 Moet after surgery
However, they persuaded me to “just come and see her”. So I did, as I love cats and…

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Vegemite: Now in Chocolate Form!!

I really want to try this!

The Aussie Traveling Bear

I was reading a post over on Jezzerbear’s wordpress (here) where he recived a review on some chocolate and it made me think of some amazing stuff we tried here somewhat recently:   Here’s my thoughts on: Vegemite – Now in Chocolate Form!!

Happiness in a Jar!! Happiness in a Jar!!

Anyone who knows me or my siblings (Benaud, Hicks, Chloe and Sheedie) and my Mum know we LOVE our Vegemite!  Especially for breakfast of hot buttery toast 1st thing in the morning.   It’s like a little piece of happiness in your belly.

My brothers Benaud and Hicks enjoying their breakfast of Vegemite on toast. My brothers Benaud and Hicks enjoying their breakfast of Vegemite on toast.

So imagine our surprise when a few months ago there were rumours circulating around the internet that one of our most like Chocolate factories – Cadbury were releasing some new flavours, one of which included Vegemite chocolate!
It was a case of…it’s not true until we see it for…

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