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Jezzer’s Albums of the Year So Far (2016)

Slightly late this year. Coming in at number 5, pop pickers….

5. Michael Kiwanuka- “Love and Hate”

Only out for a week, this is a very good album with Marvin Gaye-esque soul and R&B influences. I was initially put off with its lead single “Black Man In A White World”, which suffered from the twin misfortunes of mediocrity and being played to death on national radio. However, give the album a chance and you’ll find some very strong song writing and great production. Unfortunately, I suspect Love and Hate is destined to be played only as backing music to middle-class dinner parties across suburbia, which is a shame.

4. Kendrick Lamar- “Untitled Unmastered”

Kendrick Lamar is a Californian rapper who is rightly causing established popular artists such as Kanye West some sleepless nights. This compilation of unreleased demos and outtakes is short and has some rough around the edges recordings (as is to be expected). However, seek out the diamonds in the rough, such as the almost jazzy number below, and you will be greatly rewarded.

3. David Bowie- “Blackstar”

What can I say that hasn’t already been said?

2. Bat For Lashes- “The Bride”

For me, Natasha Khan is way up there among artists such as Kate Bush, Bjork, Peter Gabriel and David Bowie, as a singer who’s creativity stretches beyond just the musical art form. Her latest album is (dare I say it) a concept album which follows the story of a bride who’s fiancé dies on the way to their wedding. That simple sentence hasn’t really sold it well, but listen to the album (as a whole) and a beautiful piece about love, loss and overcoming trauma will emerge. Really wonderful.

1. Radiohead- “A Moon Shaped Pool”

Continuing to march to beat of their own drum, Radiohead turn out an album of mainly ethereal ballads. In this humble bear’s opinion, beautifully constructed songs with lovely melodies that only reward the most patient listeners (as it should be). Interestingly, they have finally recorded a studio version of True Love Waits, a song that has been knocking around since the 90s, and which they use here as the closing track. Worth the wait.


*Excited Ears*

Fame makes a man take things over. Fame, lets him loose, hard to swallow“. Not my words, ladies and gentleman, but the words of David Bowie (with a little help from his lesser known pal John Lennon). To be honest, I have no idea what Dave was on about. I suggest consulting a reputable dictionary if you don’t know what fame is.

But why am I dwelling on fame today, you might ask? And I might answer. In fact I will answer. And my answer is thus: my latest chocolate review is courtesy of someone I consider famous. How else could you describe someone who’s been featured in a national newspaper article, has thousands of twitter followers, and is immotalised in metal and worn with pride around many anipal’s and stuffie’s necks around the world?


That’s right. Today’s review is courtesy of one of the wittiest, funniest, and most erudite bears I have the honour of knowing- Teddy M. Bear (note to self- I must remember to ask what the M stands for). Teddy comes from Scotland, a country I have not had the honour of visiting. However, my daddy hooman has spent four years at university in the city of Glasgow and says that after receiving a ‘Glasgow kiss’ once he’d rather I didn’t go and sample the night life there until I was a bit older. I don’t know why. I mean who doesn’t like a kiss?!?

Of course, Scotland is home to Irn Bru, Caramacs and Tunnock’s Tea Cakes, but i’m not going to review those as they’re readily available at any of your friendly neighbourhood newsagents across the UK. Also, I’d have tried a deep fried Mars bar, but that would have re-enforced negative stereotypes. And the grease would have dissolved through the packaging on its way down south.

In fact, for today’s adventure in chocolate we go to South Africa! That’s right- it’s not just somewhere you go to off your wife on honeymoon. Allegedly. I shall be trying two Nestlé South Africa chocolates bars courtesy of Teddy and a store local to his Madame that specialises in South African goods.

1. Milo: Chocolate Malt in Milk Chocolate

This has a picture of a young chap striking a football in dramatic fashion on the front of it. I’m not sure chocolate is a staple diet of professional footballers, but i’ll give Nestle the benefit of the doubt. It has a wonderful malty taste and texture that goes beyond crumbly but stops short of crunchy. Not too sweet, it’s the sort of chocolate that makes you want to grab a glass of milk to wash it down. Which I did. 1% milk in case you’re wondering. Skimmed is too watery, but a bachelor bear like me has to look after his waistline. FIVE PIGEONS OUT OF FIVE

2. Peppermint Crisp: “Crisp Mint Cracknel Coated In Milk Chocolate”

Now this was a revelation. I did not expect to like this as much as I did. Chocolate on the outside, crispy Kermit-coloured mint on the inside, this was actually very tasty. One to eat before a hot date with a lady bear as it gives a nice refreshing minty sensation to your breath. (For some weird reason, every time I say ‘cracknel’, my hooman daddy says ‘mmm…, Sarah Cracknell’. I think he’s losing it). FOUR PIGEONS OUT OF FIVE


A big thank you to Teddy M. Bear (@thisbear) and also a big thank you to the cow that lactated a delicious bottle of milk for me. I salute you both *salutes*.