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Churchill War Rooms

On Wednesday I had the privilege of meeting Aunty Lillian and Tourguide Ted in London, and the highlight was seeing the Churchill Cabinet War Rooms, which was the WW2 bunker that sheltered Winston Churchill and the Cabinet during The Blitz.

I’d like to to share a few snaps from the day. I’m sure Tourguide Ted will post a more comprehensive review of the day on his marvellous website in due course.

The Cabinet Room:

Cabinet Room



Protecting the PM:guarding the PM

I could be PM!I could be PM

Just round the corner

Winston loved to be comfy:
Churchill loved his onesies!

Can’t see a thing:Can't see a thing!

Nice coats:nice coats

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Pierre Marcolini Plaisir Breakfast (45% cocoa)

Beer! Small bears need beer. As do medium and large sized bears…. let’s just say all bears generally. But what’s a London bear-about-town to do if he wants to source the best beer? Well that’s easy- they’d consult Arpad and hoomin name copier Jezza of course! Please take a look at their very informative London Beer and Pub guide here.

Now, as any beer connoisseur knows, a good place for a beer pilgrimage is Brussels. And luckily for me dear reader, this also happens to be the home of some of the loveliest chocolates known to humanity (and stuffed animals). One of the more famous brands there is Pierre Marcolini, and the wonderful Arpad has very kindly sent me a chocolate to try from there.



The first thing I noticed about this chocolate was that it was called Plaisir Breakfast. Huh? Chocolate? For breakfast? (I know that’s not actually unusual to most of us chocolate lovers, but shhh….)

IMG_0714 IMG_0715 IMG_0716


This chocolate actually contains crispy puffed rice pieces and orange zest, and I assume the breakfast connection is it’s the equivalent of eating a bowl of Rice Krispies and washing it down with a glass of orange juice. The milk chocolate itself is clearly very high quality with 45% cocoa content. The orange is quite zesty (a very different beast to the Montezuma Space Hopper I tried earlier) and the crisped rice adds a nice crunchy texture to the bar. Overall, not a bad bar of chocolate at all.¬†4 paws out of 5

Coming soon to Jezzer Checks Chocs: a special guest review from Kenny Koala Bear of a chocolate supplied by Reddy Teddy.