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All you need is love and Beech’s chocolate- GUEST REVIEW

Thanks to our pal Chomper on twitter me and Marmaduke the marmot (note to self, must google what a marmot is) were recommended a British chocolatier based in Lancashire by the name of Beech’s Fine Chocolates. This company was established in 1920 (which I think is around the time that Uncle Bear was stitched) and uses ethically sourced all natural products, most of which are also suitable for vegans (and bears).

This wonderful company were very kind to send me some chocolates to review, but first I paw you over to Marmie who very kindly took time out to write this very special review for my blog:

Marmie Megève here. I love chocolate – particularly dark chocolate and chocolates with centres that have a high crunchy nibble factor – so was very pleased when my twitter pal @Chomper_TC recommended I try Beech’s Fine Chocolates. The company is based in Preston and offers a wide variety of products, all made using only natural ingredients. The texture of the chocolate bars is firm, so you can manoeuvre each segment in your mouth for the slow-melt, full-flavour pleasure. As a bit of a ginger nut, my favourite of the chocolate bars is the dark chocolate ginger, the rich, aromatic flavour flooding your mouth as you roll it around. We marmots are keen on roots and shoots, so I count the luxury stem ginger chocolates as practically a dietary requirement. You can go for the combined flavour, chew-it-all-together experience or, because of the firmness and texture of the chocolate, you can nibble that off and then enjoy the crunch of the crystallised ginger separately, if that is your preference.”
Thanks Marmie. And now back to me, where I will review three different types of boxed chocolates, all of which will make great gifts for friends, loved ones (or just yourself):

1. Teddy Bears’ Picnic: delicious milk chocolates with soft caramel centres, shaped in a bear family!! How lovely. I really enjoyed these as i’m quite the fan of soft centres. 5 paws out of 5

2. Anglesey Sea Salted Truffles and Marc de Champagne Truffles: delicious, decadent, bold flavoured, firm textured, soft-ish creamy centred- all words I would use to describe my human. Also applicable to these milk truffle chocolates, each box emblazoned with the sentence “All you need is love and chocolate”. The sea salted truffles are deliciously salty and sweet and complex. Delicious. The champagne truffles are rich and fruity and toasty, just like real champagne. A wonderful accompaniment to a bottle of bubbly on a special occasion I reckon. 5 paws out of 5


My Christmas haul

Christmas is over, and the January blues are sinking in. By now, most of us have broken our New Year’s resolutions, pay day is still a long ways away, the nights are long and cold, and Springtime is still just a glint in Mother Nature’s eye. On top of all that, we have Trump’s inauguration and the triggering of Article 50 to look forward to. So I would like to look back with fond memories to the many generous gifts and cards I received from my lovely Anipal friends on twitter- when all is going wrong, they are there to remind me that the world hasn’t quite gone to hell yet.

So please enjoy my slideshow, and thank you again to all my pals for making my Christmas very special. See if you can spot your card in there, and shout out in the comments if you do!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Chocolate Show

Today we have a special edition of #JezzerChecksChocs. Thanks to Zara Chocolates (and my twitter furiend and #Caykclub hostess Mogsbear who introduced me to them), I obtained free tickets to The Chocolate Show at the Olympia in London. Armed with knowledge on how to “taste” chocolate handed down to me by my other twitter furiend Honey Dog‘s mom, herself once a world travelling chocolate expert, I giddily skipped to Kensington (as much as I could skip on The Tube without get strange looks at any rate) and as a result here are some snaps from the day:

Waiting outside in the rain
First one inside!
Lots of stalls
Still quiet as I got in very early
Duffy’s chocolates are bean to bar


Best tree EVER
Thank you Zara’s for inviting me!
#chocolateroses selfie
Nice hat


Must taste the booze


I’d date this stall
Pigeons! (Just because)
Sexy chocolate dresses
Time to buy chocs!!


Cocoa and sausage rolls!
Mmmm… (not the bloke)


I also enjoyed a lecture on the history of chocolate and how to “taste” chocolate like wine tasting. A great day out! So I guess the diet starts tomorrow *kicks jezzdad*.

Jezzer’s Easter 2016 Choccy Review

Put down your Easter eggs and prepare yourself for more opinions on chocolates I have nommed recently. All for your benefit of course. But first, as is now traditional, let us find out which member of the “Twitterati” (copyright some idiot) enjoys cocoa based confections….


Mr. Burgess, of indie band The Charlatans fame, I salute you sir.

1. Fazer Mignon

My lovely Finnish friend Lisa Bear did kindly tell me last year about a very special type of Easter egg made by one of the country’s biggest corporation, Fazer. A chocolate egg THAT ISN’T HOLLOW. Imagine, it friends…. a completely solid chocolate egg- it’s like every cub’s dream come true. Except my dream DID come true this year, because look what Lisa sent me:


A selection of Finland’s finest chocolates, including Fazer Mignon- a paw-made solid chocolate egg inside a real egg shell! The recipe apparently came from Germany in 1896, which, I’m reliably informed, is around the year Tourguide Ted was born!

Included was a handy leaflet with ideas on how to decorate the eggs. As I am a very creative bear, I think you will agree that I did a very good job on mine:

The filling itself is an almond and hazelnut nougat, and very velvety smooth in texture. Almost like a solidified Nutella.

Absolutely delicious. Puts hollow eggs to shame. BOW YOUR HEADS IN SHAME HOLLOW EGGS!!! The Mignon and the other Fazer Chocolates Lisa sent me, including a milk chocolate bar, a chilli flake filled bar and a soft peppermint filled dark chocolate bar, all scored very highly indeed. I give them all 7 paws out of 5. Well done Fazer, well done Finland, and well done my tummy *rubs tummy with satisfaction*.

2. Hershey’s Kisses with Macadamia Nuts “Muana Loa”

On a recent trip to Hawaii, Tourguide Ted picked up some special edition Hershey Kisses filled with Muana Loa macadamia nuts. (More recently, Diesel Bear sent me some very special Carrot Cake flavoured Hershey Kisses, but more on that in a future blog).

You can find Tourguide Ted’s comprehensive review of his Hawaii tour here.


According to the packaging, the first macadamia tree was planted on Big Island in 1946. According to my teddy bear tastebuds, I enjoyed this very much. 6 paws out of 5

3. North ‘Proper Coffee and Cardamon’

A certain lovely pal who happens to go by the name of Boo Boo Bear Green very kindly thought of little ol’ me (yet again!) on a recent trip to the shops:


I have reviewed North Chocolates before, and found them most delightful. I especially like the “shop local” and handmade in Newcastle aspects of the company. This particular flavour was gluten free and suitable for vegans. The dark chocolate was minimum 70% cocoa, and the coffee used was 100% Pure Lintong (Sumatran).

Cardamon is a seed derived spice which I am very familiar with as it is used in Indian cooking a great deal. It is the third most expensive spice after vanilla (which has been in the news recently) and saffron. It has a number of claimed health benefits, and the fact that my human is still alive might be testament to that (possibly). All I know is this chocolate bar was super duper scrummy. 5 paws out of 5

4. Booths ‘Sweet Fig with essence of Port’


In the above picture you will see that a couple of months ago I received a lovely chocolate bar from Reddy Teddy, a pawesome Star Wars Valentine greeting from Duffy Bear, and wicked anime glasses from J-List, a company that exports unusual (and frankly insane) Japanese foods and toys to the rest of the globe. As you can see, Wilfred is in his pyjamas, paw-made by wonderful Snuffy in Canada. Please check out Snuffy’s excellent anipal social media site canbesocial if you get a chance.

The sweet fig chocolate bar was very tasty (5 paws out of 5). All I kept thinking as I was eating it was this would be wonderful accompanied by a full bodied red. Any excuse hey? So cheers everybody and Happy Easter!!


Jeremy’s February Choctacular* Extravaganza

*It’s like Dracula, but more chocolatey! (And less bitey).

So who has been showing the chocolate love on twitter since our last visit to Jezzer Checks Chocs?

Tony Singh, one of Scotland’s finest- you have definitely given the best answer so far. Well done sir, I salute you.

And Gregg Wallace, “seasoned diner” and Masterchef presenter- it just goes to show that all that fine dining can’t stop a guy loving a good old Toffee Crisp.

1. Fuffle (part 2)

You may recall from my last review that these Fudge/ Truffle hybrids are handmade in Bromsgrove Worcestershire, and are a favourite of Lucky‘s mum, who very kindly sent me some to try just before Christmas.


Last time I tried the Tia Maria flavour. This time I bring you “Chocolate Raspberry & Vodka Fuffle” and “Chocolate and Jack Daniels Fuffle“. The ingredients simply lists sugar, butter, cocoa powder, UHT milk and either 4% vodka with natural raspberry flavour or 4% JD. Because they are freshly made, they have very short expiry dates, but can be frozen for up to 6 months (who’d want to do that?!) In addition, they are suitable for vegetarians and are gluten free. So that makes them a health snack, right?

Well what can I say, but both bars were delicious. They score highly on crumbliness (texture), nominess (palatability) and rubbing tummy afterwardness (satisfaction).

7 paws out of 5

2. Various chocolates from Cornwall

My good furiends Boo Boo Bear Green, Tourguide Ted and Reddy Teddy went to Cornwall late last year- you can find out what they got up to here. They were very kind to send me a selection of Cornwall’s finest confectionaries, including chocolates from the world famous Eden Project.

a) Eden Project Christmas Pudding Milk Chocolate: Handmade in Cornwall using cocoa and sugar ethically sourced from plantations in West Africa, they can’t use the stuff they grow in their giant bio balls because there isn’t enough there! This chocolate bar had added raisins, orange pieces and mixed spices, and lived up to its promise as a Christmas Pudding in chocolate bar form. 4 paws out of 5

b) Makers & Merchants Smooth Operator: this one isn’t actually from Cornwall, but I thought I’d put it in here just to confuse you. This is another Midlands chocolate company, and this handmade chocolate bar is half milk, half dark, and uses 56% min cocoa solids. It was silky smooth, just like my personality I like to think. 4 paws out of 5

c) Kernow Raspberry Chocolate: luxury dark chocolate made from sustainably grown cocoa (55.5% min). The raspberry pieces were little bits of jelly set in dark chocolate, which made this very satisfying to nom. 4 paws out of 5

d) Raw Chocolate Naked Pie, handmade in Cornwall by Living Food of St. Ives: hmm… this looks interesting. Sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, made from raw cocoa nibs. How bad can it be?

*Takes a small bite*


*Falls to knees and sobs uncontrollably*.

minus 4 paws out of 5.

3. Blog takeover by budgerigars, Tom and Jeri

*Tweet, chirp* hello, we are Tom and Jeri, and we are fed up with hearing about Jeremy’s chocolate reviews. 


*Chirp, jump, sing* when we’re not busy flirting with our reflections in the mirror and preening ourselves, we like to eat special birdy noms. And lucky for us, our furiend Dutchie Duffy sent us some special treats all the way from the Netherlands. Yay!! *chirp*

*Tweet* these are our favourite mixed seeds treat, baked onto a wooden stick. As soon as human gets them out of the box we start getting excited *flap wings excitedly*. This box has three flavours- Egg and grass, Apricot and fig, and Honey and sesame. Our favourite? Honey and sesame. Look how we devoured it in one day:

*Sing* thank you Dutchie Duffy, mom, dad and nana for sending us these yummy treats!! 5 beak pecks out of 5

 Back to you Jeremy, you greedy bear who freaks us out every time you go near our cage!

4. Verkade Melk “J”

Naughty budgies, taking over my blog. Well, another thing Dutchie Duffy kindly sent over was a Dutch chocolate in the shape of a letter J! For Jeremy!! Woohoo!


These alphabet chocolates are only available for a limited time in the run up to the holidays, and can be given as a gift on Sinterklass Day. I find it very interesting to learn about how different cultures celebrate special occasions, and I am honoured to have been sent this by my Dutch pal. The chocolate itself is super delicious, and not too sweet unlike British chocolates. I enjoyed it very much and I score Verkade Milk “J” 6 paws out of 5.

On a final note, I’d like to apologise if I haven’t been able to review every single chocolate I’ve been sent by all my twitter furiends (your generosity knows no bounds). Rest assured, they were ALL enjoyed very much. And I still have a lot more to go through, so hopefully I will get around to trying them at some point in the near future. Thanks again.


Jeremy’s Christmas Choccy Extravaganza!

Photo Credit: Jeff Musk Turtle

Hello everyone. Soon it will be the birthday of Jesus and I hope you are having a lovely Christmas (or Crispmouse for all my kitty friends out there), a happy Hannukah, or just enjoying the season’s festivities in a non-faith related manner. I think I’ve covered all my bases there.

So, as is tradition now, let us begin by finding out which celebrity on twitter likes chocolate this week…


Why it’s none other than Radio 4 comedy writer and friend to the stars*, John Finnemore! Well done, sir. Well done.

1. Hammond’s Candy Corn and Pumpkin Spice Chocolate

Twitter legend and world traveller Tourguide Ted (you all know him, said in best Citizen Khan accent) went to the U.S. of A. recently and brought me back a nice selection of autumnal-themed candy (including my favourite Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses, so sweet, so very very sweet *drools*). Ted jets around the globe so often that our friend Doctor Red had to invent the Ted Tracker 2000 (patent pending). Please take a look at his site and check out his thoroughly blogged adventures by clicking the link above.


Hammond’s Candies are made in Denver, Colorado, and their candy bar packaging is very bright and eye catching. The Pumpkin Spice is a dark chocolate bar with a creamy pumpkin spice flavour filling. One bar alone contains 320  calories, and I enjoyed each and every one of them. 4 paws out of 5.

Candy Corn is a very American product (much like Pumpkin Spice, but that’s becoming more prevalent in Europe thanks to companies like Starbucks using it in their coffees every Autumn). A bit of online research tells me that Candy Corn is mainly made of sugar, corn syrup and confectioner’s wax, and is painted yellow, orange and white to mimic the appearance of actual corn. This milk chocolate with candy corn filling was also 320 calories, and I also enjoyed each and every one of them. 4 chubby bears out of 5

2. Baratti & Milano Gianduitto and Cremino Classico chocolate box

On a recent tweetup with Camilla and Japp the Bear’s Human in the Museum of London, I was very lucky to have been brought many treats from Venice (from Japp Bear) and Norway (Camilla), including beer!! More on the beer later.

Me exploring The City on the way to tweetup
Me exploring The City on the way to tweetup

First, a big thanks to Japp’s humans, who visit Venice regularly and make the most GORGEOUS jewellery out of Venetian glass- please check out their site here and maybe buy a nice gift for a loved one? I personally love myself and treat myself to goodies and treats regularly, but that’s just me.

Baratti and Milano confectioners were founded in Turin in 1858. I’m only a little bear and have little concept of time, but 1858 sounds like a very long time ago. I wonder if my human was around then. The chocolates themselves come individually wrapped, and are best described as decadence in chocolate form. Creamy, smooth nutty, yummy morsels of heaven. If any advertisers wish to use my descriptive services on their products, I am freely available and will work for chocolate or beer. Preferably both. 5 paws out of 5.


3. Stratos Melky and Laban Seigmenn

Stratos is a Norwegian chocolate company I have reviewed previously on this hallowed blog. However, I have only just discovered the “moo moo moo” commercial. Genius. 

Stratos Melky is a milkier, maltier, less sweet version of our Aero Bar; less crumbly and with a thicker milk chocolate coating round the outside, this chocolate really hit the spot. And by spot, I mean my fat bear tummy. 4.5 paws out of 5.

Laban Siegmenn (translation- Jellymen) are yummy sugar coated fruit jellies shaped like people. The flavours include apple, lemon, pineapple, raspberry and peach. And of course, as the sweets are people shaped, there is only one way to eat them- BITE THEIR HEADS OFF FIRST!!!!!! 4.5 paws out of 5. Thanks Camilla.

4. Hogs Back Chocolate Lager and Tre Gamle Damer Pale Ale

As I mentioned above, Tourguide Ted gets around. On an earlier visit to (*checks Ted Tracker 2000*) Cornwall with Reddy Teddy and Boo Boo Bear Green to meet #TedMates LT, Lu, and Christian, they were kind enough to send me a selection of Cornish choccies and even a chocolate beer. The beer in question was by famous brewery Hogs Back in Tongham, and is 4.5% abv.

IMG_2046 IMG_2047 IMG_2048

The Montezuma Hogs Back beer is surprisingly tasty- the beer is smooth and crisp, and the chocolate is subtle and almost tastes like milk chocolate. I was surprised by how much I liked this. Perfect on its own, or even as an accompaniment to a meal or pudding. 5 paws out of 5

Tre Gamle Damer is Norwegian for “three old ladies”, and this Belgian style pale ale was brought specially back by Camilla from a Norwegian beer festival for me to try. It 5.5% abv. Whilst I am by no means the beer connoisseur that Jezza and Arpad are, I know what I like and I like this. Also, it made my teddy ears tremble in tipsiness, so it must be good. 4.5 paws out of 5

5. Crevin cafe, pistache, vanille and caramel

Speaking of beer connoisseurs Jezza and Arpad, on a recent trip to Bruges, Brussels, they were lovely enough to send me some delicious pawcrafted marshmallow style chcolates of various flavours, all coated in a delicious crisp chocolate shell. I would love to show you a picture the chocolates in all their glory, but a certain human got his greedy paws on them and, well, see for yourself…

Only one left?!

Well, I think it is safe to say that these chocolates were exceptionally yummy, if we judge it by drunken/ hungry human behaviour. So let’s give it 5 greedy humans out of 5

6. Fuffle (Part one)- “Tia’s of Joy”

Last, but by no means least, we have a very special selection of freshly made confectionaries sent to me by #FurryTails Spa Manager Lucky and family. Lucky enjoys my drunken antics at FurryTails. Just ask him.


Fuffle are freshly made chocolate truffle bars made by a chap called Gary Davis in Bromsgrove. They come in a variety of naughty flavours, and so far I have tried just one- the chocolate and Tia Maria Fuffle.









The bars are so beautifully wrapped, it’s a shame to unwrap them. But of course I must. The bar itself has a very unusual texture, almost crumbly like a brownie. And yet smooth and not dry at all. Very strange. First bite: wow. Extremely decadent flavour of Tia Maria combined with the luxury of fresh chocolate and truffle. This is just AMAZING. Honestly, you need Fuffles in your life. I bet teddy bear heaven tastes like this. If I ever get to teddy heaven, watch out- I’m going to eat you! 7 paws out of 5



*one big star really, Benedict Cumbablah, who appeared in his brilliant Radio 4 comedy Cabin Pressure.

Do Klingons like chocolate?

Apparently, in space no one can hear you scream. But what we really want to know is can they hear you munch a chocolate bar? And, more importantly, which fictional alien species enjoys chocolate the most? Can we somehow use the Large Hadron Collider, along with the combined intellects of Professor Brian Cox and Professor Stephen Hawking, to answer this important question? Well until they find a way, let’s ask Michael Dorn, aka Lt. Commander Worf, if he enjoys chocolate.


So it seems chocolate is “tricky”. Klingons- why always so enigmatic?? *rolls eyes*

1. Choc Affair’s Peach and Raspberry White Chocolate and Kennedy’s Mint Bubble Crisp

My fellow Aviator and Zombie Squad member, and Domestic Manager of Furry Tails, Lucky and family went on holibobs to Appledore in North Devon recently, and sent me some lovely choccys from The Appledore Chocolate Shop and a card from there.


Lucky's BIG family
Lucky’s BIG family!

As you can see, Lucky is lucky enough (see what I did there) to live with a large family of bears and twecckles from Sherford Bear, The Knitted Bear Company and Fuzzy’s Faux Pas Bears. Don’t they look lovely?

The Mint Bubble Crisp milk chocolate (cocoa 30.7%) was very lovely with balls of bubbly minty chocolate set into the top of the bar, with mini chocolate balls liberally sprinkled among them (see above picture). I enjoyed it very much. 5 paws out of 5

The Peach and Raspberry White Chocolate  (cocoa 28%) was made by an independent British company using sustainably grown chocolate. It was also delicious, and not too cloying and sweet as some fruity white chocolates can tend to be. 5 paws out of 5

2. Ooh Chocolata! Very Nutty Milk Chocolate

Look at this lovely book and chocolates the world famous Tourguide Ted sent me!! In my next life I want to be a jet plane.


This 50g bar of Ooh! chocolate (best name ever) had generous quantities of almond nuts in it, and the chocolate itself was minimum 38% cocoa. It was very yummy and crunchy and really hit the spot when my teddy tummy was rumbling. 5 paws out of 5

3. Galler Praline Noir

I’ve mentioned before my good friends Arpad and Jezza’s amazing beer blog- please check it out here.

On a recent trip to Belgium (a chocolate and beer lover’s paradise) they were kind enough to think of me and send me a couple of choccys and a card. One of those was Galler Dark Chocolate (min 45% cocoa) with praline filling. Well what a joy to behold. Basically, luxury in chocolate bar form, I half expected a butler to walk in as I ate this and say “Your bubble bath and teddy bear masseuse are ready, sir. Can I pour you some champagne?” In fact, if you combine this chocolate with a lovely glass (or bottle) of bubbly, I think all your troubles will instantly wash away. Before returning again the next morning along with a hangover. 5 paws out of 5